Life is not easy

It happened a long time ago to a little, inexperienced girl. This story is about the tough times of her life and her difficult childhood. Every child imagines their childhood with their parents' big smiles on their faces at their birthday parties or crazy but funny moments in a circle of friends. But life is not a bed of roses. Everyone has their own destiny, whether it be good or bad. Now, let's start: At the beginning, her life was as normal as others. She started going to school when she was seven years old. At school, she met some friends who would become her lifelong friends. Three years later, when she and her family were celebrating her tenth birthday party, suddenly her mom started screaming because of severe pain in her belly. Her mother was pregnant, and it was a surprising and unforgettable birthday party for her with a new baby sister. After two years, she was studying in the seventh grade and her little baby sister was already two years old. One day, she was playing with her little sister while her mother was cooking a meal for them. At that moment, without warning, her father came home with somebody. She listened carefully to the stranger's footsteps, trying to predict who he or she was. A few minutes later, a strange woman entered the house with her fat and unpleasant, freckled daughter. Our character's father started shouting unexpectedly at his daughters and his wife, demanding that they leave the house quickly. It was a great shock for the little, immature girls. However, everyone has their own destiny, whether it be good or bad, as I said before. Despite his wife's begging and their daughters' imploring eyes, the father did not notice them at all and drove them out of house. The girls started living in their uncle's house with their mother. In fact, their uncle had a big family which included his wife, his parents, three sons, and two daughters. After they moved into the house, she became the eldest among the children. So, she had to do all the household chores herself. By the way, instead of looking after her daughters, the girls' mother left them alone and started living with a rich widower and his five children. With this action, she took revenge on her husband. But neither of them thought about their daughters' future life before making this decision. Fortunately, there was one person that our character could totally rely on in this place, and that was her kind-hearted and supportive grandmother. Sometimes, when she didn't want to go on, her grandmother gave her advice about not losing hope in life, being brave, and persevering. Months passed by. During this time, she worked at a bakery shop after school and earned money to buy things she needed, such as a uniform and other necessary items for school, clothes, and shoes for her little sister. Her sister was too young and every night she would miss her mother and ask for her. Every morning, she had to clean the house and prepare breakfast for the whole family. After that, she would go to school, and during break times, she would go home to do household chores again. Unfortunately, her uncle's wife didn't like her at all, and she would constantly try to find mistakes in her work. If she found a mistake, she would quickly tell her husband and make him promise to punish her. Also, when her aunt-in-law came home from the market, she would give many sweets and chocolates to her own children in front of the neglected girls. There were days in her life when she had to wear old boots with many holes in snowy weather. While studying at the university, her grandmother gave her dried fruits to sell, and she had to use the collected money to support her studies and life in the city. This is the story of how life taught the little girl to survive despite difficulties, how to be patient and brave, and how to endure hardship. Life is not easy, although there is at least one way to ensure survival. Now, she lives in a big and luxurious house with her friendly and loyal husband and their five kind children, living a happy life. Her eldest son and daughter are studying at the top universities in the country, and she is enjoying a good life thanks to her intelligent military husband and her inspiring job. The important thing is that her family supports her all the time.

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