The phone call from space

My birthday started off as a normal day, I woke up at quarter to six, fifteen minutes before my alarm, as usual. I look out my window across from my bed, and I see the trees surrounding my property blowing in the wind. The pond on the far left side of my backyard was filled with ducks, sitting between the tall cat tails. The sky was bright blue. My alarm goes off and I realise I need to get up and get to Best Buy before work. Yesterday, as I was heading into work I spilled my coffee all over my phone, so I needed a new one. I got up, finished my morning routine, got in my car, and went to the store. I walked into the store and towards the phones. The salesman gave me a run down of all of them and somehow convinced me to get the most expensive one. Then, I was off to work. As i'm pulling into the parking lot, my phone started ringing. Which normally would not be weird at all, but my phone had not been set up yet, so I thought this was odd. Reluctantly, I answered, I was curious. On the other side of the phone I heard a deep, husky voice whispering something. I could not tell what was being said, but I had to get to work, so I hung up the phone and got on my way. Everything was normal again, until lunch. I was getting work done, sales reports for my boss who needed them so very urgently, when the phone rang. I still had not set it up, but again, I was curious, so I picked up the phone. This time was different though, this time I heard the deep, husky voice very clearly. It was telling me to go to the window. Slowly, I walk over to the window. At first, everything was normal. I see the tree branches swaying in the wind, I see cars coming and going on the busy road in front of my work and all of a sudden, I see a bright blue light glowing from above. I look up and see a giant spaceship. As soon as I looked at it, I could not look away, it was almost as if I was hypnotised by this light. I felt lost, but still normal. I began to feel the ground slip away from beneath me, I started floating out the window, still mesmerised by the light I was unable to stop myself from being pulled towards the spaceship. I remember thinking to myself that this was normal, almost as if it was meant to happen. The bright blue light went away and I was standing on a metallic platform. My head was spinning, I was dizzy and my head felt fuzzy. I assume this happened sometime on the way up to the spaceship. Oddly, I can still remember thinking that this was normal and like it was meant to happen. It was dark. All I could see was the blurry, unclear, outline of a strange looking figure. And even then I could not be positive because I still felt odd and figured I could be imagining this. Slowly, the figure began getting closer, I was still unsure what it was. As it got closer I could hear that deep, husky voice from the phone calls. I asked what was going on, and where I was. It was silent. The voice was gone, and so was the figure. I looked around and saw nothing. The door behind me slammed shut and I instantly turned around. Still, I could see nothing. The lights came on. I spun around to look in front of me and I saw that the figure was back, with a bunch of other figures. They looked like aliens. They were tall, about 7 feet I would say. They had 4 arms and 4 legs, almost like they were some sort of weird octopus. They had 2 eyes and a giant mouth full of tiny, sharp looking teeth. They were bright blue and they all had hair, but each one was different. I stood there, unsure what to do, speechless, and not knowing what was about to happen. The figures began walking towards me. Slowly, I started backing up against the wall behind me. I'm not sure if I was scared or excited about what was next. In front of me, I see a giant cake with dozens of candles on top. Hung on top, I see a sign that says ‘Happy Birthday!'. How did they know? All around the ship, lights were flashing and the aliens started dancing around me. At first, I was confused, but the aliens seemed safe and just wanted to party with me. So I joined in! We were all dancing, having a great time, we ate cake and partied for what felt like hours. Out of nowhere, everything stops. The aliens begin fading and I start hearing a loud, high pitched beeping. It sounded almost exactly like my morning alarm. The spaceship disappeared and the aliens were gone. I roll over and see the window across from my bed. I see the trees swaying in the wind and leaves falling off them. I turn my head to look at the pond and I see the ducks swimming around, bathing in the sun. Suddenly I realised it was all a dream. The aliens were not real. None of it was real. I suppose I have to go to Best Buy again.

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