Beautiful world

Everyday is a quarantine , there is a little bit of sickness inside all of us and whether it be mental or physical, can we all agree that there is something inherently wrong, and what better way to find that wrongness by self quarantine. Here is my last entry of isolation, here is my subconscious talking, he's shy, but he's trying But through having a vice, only can we see our subconscious for what it is and help us to understand the world by which inhabit, and one of the most addicting vices that we have at our disposable is the art of writing. The greatest and highly addictive art that was ever blessed upon us and only through the act of writing, we're allowing ourselves to be naked and truthful, blinding out our conscious and allowing the will of the subconscious to come forward and only then can we become cured and healthy once more. And within this pandemic I've been quranting ing within a quarantine, not only have I been able to be honest and truthful with the world around me, but most importantly myself. And yes, that may come across as selfish and melancholic, but it allows us to foresee and dissect what is the matter with us, love us, before we can go out and save the world. If not through words, that inhibit us guilty and fearful, through writing can we give birth to empathy and to look into the mirror, fully exposed and to see ourselves for what we really are, and we don't have to be ashamed. If I may, writing is akin to religion, in a sense that it's something powerful and gives something to believe in and to hold on to, and therein within the sea of words, there lies something comforting and prolific, whether it's holding a mirror to society, or to one's self, it births something within us and makes us feel at peace. For me personally, quarantining all of my life has made me appreciate the silence and the company of my thoughts and merely escaping through my writing, I've been able to cure my insecurities and cure the disease that has been ailing me for so long. And in the act of discovery, there lies a moment of happiness and joy, a window of tranquility amongst the world. People often forget the beauty of writing, from our fathers scribbing down our right to exist and to give life to this human form, or to the laws by which they govern our society, or to mimic reality, it's powerful and can easily decipher your woes and depression, something by which so many people don't take into consideration. But within uncertain times, the only thing that we can be certain of history, the annals of history, what it left behind and use it as our guiding star. The future is merely a forgotten past. Through the annals of history, we as a species have conquered the unknown enemy, the diseases, the wars, the bloodshed, and have written it down to never forget it and to remain humble and human. But it seems as though human instinct is forgotten what made us so human, and this pandemic represents a forgotten past, and through that can we once more learn and hopefully come together and write another victory for man. And for me without writing, I'd have been disabled in the mind and body, for my emotions by which I express are one of alienation and dejcetion, but through scribbing down my emotions, are they able fully exist with reason and purpose and when in quarantine, it only made me more humble and grateful for my passion, my escapism. The act of isolating one'self is one that is a gift that not many people don't want to accept, but now through this unfortunate pandemic, we're forced to isolate within our four walls. Not only physically, but mentally, are we stuck with our selves, and our thoughts, the good, the bad, but remembering that writing is like religion, you can exorcise your demons, your insecurities, your anxiety, all of it. From the second your born, the negative light shining on you to now and everything in between, your whole life has been a quarantine, isolated to your limited perspective and feelings of the unknown, the fearful, sadness, depression, hatred, and within the walls of society, we're forced to bury it deep within us and unfortunately, we get sick and implode. But only through isolation can we find company. And then, and only then, can we begin to find beauty in the world and learn to reunite and connect with one another. Writing is as therapeutic as shock therapy, free as our inalienable rights, beautiful as a newborn baby, and prolific and comforting like religion and it's verses. And so through this pandemic, and the endless, comforting isolation, and trying times, the balance by which you can find is from writing. Never forget that little kid inside of you that was so free and blind fully conscious of the world around him or her, but just because you grow up doesn't mean you have to grow out. And this is my last entry in my journal before I have to step into the real world once more.


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