I'm a plusize 50 year old housewife from Llanelli Carmarthenshire South Wales,i am a novice writer with aspirations of becoming a well known writer of poetry and short stories,coffee break stroies to be exact,i like to say it as it is with no frills and crimped edges,my mother brought me up as a devout Christian alongside my 3 siblings,two bothers and a sister,growing up for a time by a fram which gave us a love of the outdoors,memories of riding on my neighbours horse Betsy overlooking the whole of Burry Port we liked tocall Lookout we had a middle class upbringing,my father a photographer in his spare time and a Garage Proprioter and my mother a small business woman selling second hand clothes in her shop in Pembrey she always used to say what a clothes horse i was as i was only 2 at the time but had racks of clothes to choose from,after battling with alcohol for severl years my fatherdied when i was just 12 years old leaving us his estate a house and land adjacent to it,children of the manor and spoilt for space we enjoyed picking from our fruit trees in our lawns and fields,my grandmother who owned a limosene company before she passed away 8 months before my father was a woman of substamce who loved to go to auctions and buy the picks of the day from under everyone elses nose,etiquette lessons from my bygone era wernt needed when i grew up as my grandmother maud was from the victorian era,then on the other side of mymaternal family my grandmother who was the lovechild of Josef Stalins son Benjamin who as research goes must have been illigitimate,after my great grandmother died after being shunned from the little village of Rhandermwyn in Llandovery her father Benjamin placed her in a convent to be brought up by nuns afterward he retured to rejoin the war effort,my grandmother then moved to South Hampton and she herself became a military nurse and became an SRN, at her time there she met my grandfather an army officer and they gor married,after having 3 children and one who sadly died at birth anmed Dewi the 3 chilkdren were brought up in Hendy Pontradulais West Glamorgan,my motherthe youngest of the three was a war child born in 1942,Colin my uncle then became a Royal Marine and served abroad,i often helped my grandmother to work at Industrial supply a rag factory cutting rags for industries in Wales for cleaning purposes,i grew up for the most part in Burry Port Carmarthenshire and attended an all girls school,making friends with girls i am still in contact with now thanks to facebook,my mother fraught wuth health problems has battled through 3 heart attacks and 3 bowel cancer scares,now 76 years old i pray every day that she reaches 80 and we'll see where we go from there,i got married to a man from the Bryn Llanelli part of a Catholic family the youngest of 9 siblings,a factory girl from the age of 16 i worked in Parsons Pickles , Swansea Components and Microloom L.T.D,amongst others,after getting married to Kevin at the age of 21,we settled down to family life as i had our first child in August of 1990 a son named Martin,then in 1991 i gave birth to our first daughter Kimberley,then in 1993 Rebecca came along our third child, and after 8 years Rhydian appeared our fourth and final child,struggling financially we worked hard to make ends meet byme working as a cleaner in Trostre works and Kevin working alongside me as a cleaner too, Llanelli being a black spot for jobs at that time we found ourselves living off the state for around 8 years,everyone blamed the unemployment on Thatchers Conservative rule, not being political myself i went deeply into the faith i had been brought up with and started to studythe scriptures,after 4 years studying with a lovely lady named Mabel one of Jehovahs Witnesses i got baptized in November of 1992 witnesses by my husband and two children by the poolside,protected by the congregation we found the struggle easier to bear,after Labour got into powere things were looking up,again not being a political person i put no hopes in the Governments as i was a concientious objector and still dont beleiev in taking part in the war effort unlike my previous family members some of which became Jehovahs Witnesses too,not wanting to talk about my bad experiences i will say just this , that in 2012 i was taken from my home by black -ops military Police and taken on a mission against my will and was gang raoed aboard a boat full of illegal black African immigrants,i got pregnant and gave birth to triplets 9 months later all insecret and kept quiet,the babies were taken away from me at birth,so now to summerize i am still living in Llwynhendy with my husband and two sons,my daughters having moved out to bring up their own familes,i have six beautiful grandchildren,i have a small business that i run from home jus eeking out a living my goal is to become a recognized writer of Coffee break stories and poetry,i'm entering this competition with the hope of winning the prize to spur me on

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