Divorced...Same Flight...Paris...What Next?

There they were, sitting awkwardly beside one another, She didn't talk, and neither did he, The trip was 5 hours long to Paris, It turned out that both had been seated together which was very unfortunate, The tension could be felt in the air, Josh broke the silence by clearing his throat, Lilliane looked out of the window to lessen the burden on her shoulders, "You still keep it don't you." "What on Earth are you talking about?" The ring...You still have it on you" He pointed at her finger, which she hid in an instant, "Oh this, this is from my fiance, I am going to meet him tomorrow, and we are going to have dinner at an expensive hotel, He chuckled bitterly, "Of course you are going to an EXPENSIVE hotel," "Why the sarcasm dear?" She mocked him with a smile, "Oh nothing,just can't forget how much of a golddigger you were, and still are" Her smile fell instantly and turned into a frown, "You were the one who cheated on me and you call me a golddigger?" "Well, you were the reason...If you gave me the time I would never have thought about it but no you wanted to have gold and jewelry to give you pleasure right? I couldn't, so you left" "Who said I left...You left. Stop blaming it on me." "Oh just be quiet, you literally started it," "No, you did!" "No, you did!" "No yo..." "OH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD YOU BOTH DID! NOW SHUT UP AND LET ME SLEEP IN PEACE!" Both looked back and saw a frowning woman with her eyes closed breathing heavily, "We are about to land in a few minutes" The voice came from the speakers as both stopped bickerings and looked the opposite way. "By the way keep it, I don't want it" She handed him the ring, before leaving her seat, He just kept staring.

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