Trish Rose

Writer, Student

Metro, Philippines

If you love the finer things in life and making it the muse for your works and masterpiece, then I reckon we'd be good friends! :>

Trish Rose is a 17-year-old writer, currently a graduating 12th grade ABM student from Manila, Philippines. There's never a bland moment in her life: she likes to sing, play sports, window-shop expensive clothes with a friend she just met, and do a little arts & crafts on the side. She is one adventurous teenage girl who embraces her young artistic side. On her more scholastic side, she loves to enter business pitch competitions like Blue Ocean Entrepreneurship (2024), and was affiliated as an ambassador of International Global Network (2022), an Indonesia-based International Relations student simulation. She also frequently enters international essay writing competitions in organizations such as: Immense Education (Cambridge, 2024), Bio page (2024), and UK's Royal Commonwealth Society where she won a Silver Award for her essay in 2021.

Soul-Search: The Woods Call Me

Dec 28, 2023 4 months ago

The woods call me to wander, explore, and get lost in the depths of its bulky terrains.

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