Friend from a different timezone

I love to write but coming with the idea of what to write is main reason of my procrastination. Finally I thought to write about friendship which is one of the very very important part of life. Friends are that awesome characters who fills our life with color and love with their stupidity, their advice which comes from nowhere on this earth, but one thing is for sure; they are the best supporters that you can ever have. I'm basically a introvert and have very few numbers of friend and I never felt that I need others. But this is life, new people enter, and some old people exit with various circumstances that we may not be aware of. Like that a new person entered my life- a friend with different timezone. During this quarantine and lock-down I was mentally frustrated. Things were not going as aspected and being confined in a house for more than two much is really tragic. Social medias were only options to stay connected. In that phase I met a stranger online which later changed into my friend. He was from Canada and I am from Asia so there used to be huge time difference. We used to manage some time for each-other. Sharing the daily routine, knowing each-others likes and dislikes, sharing the happy and sad moments or events were kinda things we used to do. He used to help me and give various suggestion to cheer me up whenever I used to feel low. I was fan of his smile and to see that smile I used to tell different jokes and try to make him laugh. I was fond of action movies while he was fond of comedy and drama genre; sharing those movies and watching them in Sundays and giving opinion on them were our favorite thing to do. And we had also made plans to meet each-other when this pandemic gets over. But as we know good things does not last forever. I don't know what was the reason lately we have been talking less. I always remember the song for this "we don't talk anymore like we used to do". I miss him and message him sometime but don't know may be because of difference in time-zone and may be some miscellaneous factor the conversation does not happen as it used to be. All I wanna say is Dear Friend, I really miss you. :)

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