From Frustration to Action: Embracing Sociability in Student Life

I was sitting in the cell-like room of my dormitory while everyone was celebrating the end of the induction week at my University. Since the event was happening just outside the yard of the dorm, I could hear the voices of happy and energetic students who had participated passionately in all the activities during that week. I was blaming and questioning my mind and soul for not going outside, getting involved, and enjoying student life instead of reading boring Computer Science books. I asked myself why I could not become the person who exposes myself to people, is extroverted, and enjoys the life she is experiencing. Yes, I was the person who buried myself in my world, only studying, desiring good grades, and aiming to become a professional. But seeing the outside world and my coursemates being very communicative, managing both study and extracurriculars, made me wonder if I was not using my full potential. Deep down, I knew that the solution was going outside, meeting my new coursemates, and forming friendships by exchanging ideas on how to start our academic journey. The difference between them and me was my frustration at that very moment. A stream of questions ran through my mind, and with some courage, I barely pushed myself after that incident. I began visiting small events and participating in national holidays held at different places, but I was still afraid to approach and be sociable in front of people. After the first midterms, I witnessed many students struggling to get good grades and master some subjects. Since I am good at math, I decided to mentor my peers. That is when my A+Club came to life. I started talking with my peers who were good at other subjects and invited them to share their knowledge with those struggling. I organized the days to teach each class, made announcement posts, reserved rooms after classes, and created sample question papers, managing my personal life simultaneously. Almost all students visited A+Club's mock exams, as my prepared questions closely resembled those of the professors. Most failing students in midterms succeeded in finals due to their hard work and the unconditional help from peers through A+Club's learning space. I have developed adaptability, problem-solving, and courage, realizing my full potential and correctly using it for the community around me. This realization led me to be a leader in two student clubs and an ambassador in three social organizations. Because I embody effective altruism. I am always ready to serve my community, helping each individual thrive by being a role model and a leader. Leadership and impact do not require a specific position or company; they start with beliefs and actions. When I see a societal problem, I do not just observe; I search for viable solutions, utilize my collective experience, learn new things, and put them into practice.

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