Good Day

Good Day! Isn't the summer heat exquisite? I am so in love with hot romantic summer nights with a nice glass of chilled wine. It's the best of the summer you can get besides a nice swim somewhere gorgeous here in Canada or as it should be known Kanata. We had a doozie here and the breeze was nice too! I love the smell of sweet air and how the warmth of the sun feels so comforting. I wish everyone had the time to really relax in that. We take our pup out to relax in the sun. He seems to enjoy the sun bathing. We make sure to keep him cool. He's an English-Mexican as we call him because he's taken to tea at four. Yes, my little chihuahua is a great tea lover. Three years ago I left my tea in the grass while I tended to a call and when I returned my full cup of tea was gone and to this day he daily checks my mug for it's contents. He's quite the charmer too. I imagine over the years as I learn more about him, I'll eventually have my story, "The English Mexican". His gentlemanly ways and particulars for beef jerky and humping his mother';s leg at night are supple entertainment for all of us. He's so randy he substitutes me for his pillow! How adorable? But with this small joke he likes to play on me at three o'clock in the morning has everyone laughing at ME! (lol) It's nice to know I'm loved! He really is very sweet. He keeps me busy on good days and comforts me when I'm having a rough day. My pup is very smart and very compassionate towards me. I am very lucky. I hope to write this coming week. if it's not too hot. I don't have air conditioning but manage to keep it a balmy 20 degrees in here. T'is very cool I must say. I just wanted to say Hello to you all and Happy Summer. Woo-hoo!! Julie Ann

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