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*LAUNCH YOUR BUSINESS WEBSITE AND GROW WEALTH* Once again, l introduce myself as *Robert Ssekolya*, l'm a teacher of French like any of you here on this page for “Enseignants de FLE” I'm honored to thank *teachers of French* who delight in my online services, it's gratifying that many teachers are embracing the transition of service delivery pathways and working environments that entail us to always compete favorably by creating more market space via online platforms. I extend my sincere gratitude to all my potential clients from the teaching arena especially *teachers of French* who always contract me to create websites for their respective language schools at low cost prior to launching virtual learning programs for their students. Just as l always assure my online clients that l can't revert to obsolete monetary values of website architecture because today, things have significantly changed, it is now cheaper to launch a website than it was the case in the past. However, the cost of creating a website could vary depending on the type of the website, its salient features, and its intended outcomes or goals. Previously the cost of a mega and sophisticated business website would cost millions of dollars due to the need to hire experts to code programs, build, upgrade and optimize its performance. Thanks to the cutting-edge digital and agile web technology, currently, creating an online store (website) is a cost effective venture and more profitable than architecting a physical commercial store. I pledge to always create and upgrade any given type of website for teachers of French at relatively low rates so that they reestablish themselves in their pursuit of new business insights, to pride in my services as well as impacting their business firms to experience a knack of success. You might be challenged and mentally agitated because your website isn't addressing your business goals, if your web is deficient in some of the features which would boost its performance such as forms; subscription forms, registration forms, order placement forms, or features to upload multimedia files, don't worry dear, l'm here to help you, just afoot step or a call away from your niche. Remember when l'm building, prototyping or upgrading your site, l seek your ideas and insights on how to customize your web with appealing features that align with your individual requirements. What you don't want, l toss it away from your website and we retain what would make your website a winning store. Reference to the above highlights, a registration form is one of the features that could constitute your site, plus many more salient features that you would recommend to enable you upload all the multimedia content/files (photos, audios, videos, graphics etc) in a bid to enforce performance and optimization of your business site ! Please click the link below and gaze at one of the subscription forms inbuilt into awebsite (sample prototype but could be modified and customized) to show what l could do for you. After creating a website, I integrate such a feature via a link. Wow..😯 😯😯😯...Wow ...Don't be tight-lipped, you have a reason to smile. Next day you can start to amass pennies and grow wealth. Your students will be able to register for courses and make subscriptions online. Upon opening the link, a student will be required to complete the *subscription form* prior to its submission. Isn't it plausible? Please subscribe to my website designing services and enjoy a 35% reduced rate for site architecture and upgrading! WhatsApp or ☎️ +256705862902 Robert Ssekolya

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