Mountains or never land.

I want to go to never land..... an no I am not suicidal; just very tired and sleepy. I slept like a log but it's one of those days where I just want to fucking sleep. Like in Stephen King's sleeping beauties but in reality. This is what the fucking winter does to you when you hate the cold and have to take meds for CPTSD. I hate the meds. It's not that I hate the cold but there is nothing to take pictures of fucking flowers, which is a trigger to me. I say I don't hate the cold because a few years ago I , fed up with how people with PTSD were looked at decided to climb Everest. This has beeen fermenting since my diagnosis in grade 11 (high school). And when my mother found out she had lung cancer I want to climb K2 for cancer research and another mountain for survivors of sex crimes (lets just say if you are a female you need to take extra care on the Internet. ) the mountaineering bug bit me in high school.... now I have reasons. But for now I shall nap.

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