My life in COVID-19 quarantine time

Looking back only a bit, I am surprised how much my life has changed over a brief period of time. It feels like a life time, but the new reality in which we all are living started not so long ago, when it was a disease of which I heard only on TV. The quarantine in Uzbekistan, provoked by the COVID-19 pandemic began on March 16, 2020. From that day on, I, as well as all university students switched to distance learning. It was not the first time for me to use conference programs, since at my university, in particular the MGIMO-Tashkent, distance classes were held before quarantine, but the lessons were conducted with all my classmates sitting in one room, so it was even fun. During the quarantine, I had to get used to a new reality: many turned off their cameras and sat in silence, usually only the teacher spoke. I learned how to fully concentrate on what my teacher said despite the initial reflex of my mind for an easy distraction in such an unusual setting. Several months passed, at the end I and we all successfully passed the final exams. The quarantine has deprived us of the celebration of this momentous day for us but learned us how to appreciate simple things, how to learn despite changing realities, and how to feel united when we are in the distance. Training and the lack of communication with friends was another normality which I never though could change. Yet, all sports clubs were closed and it was even impossible to do my running program outside. I only took it as another challenge. From the very first days, I decided to rebuild a training program at home. And very soon I saw an advantage discovered there was no need to go anywhere to practice and work on yourself. I even overcame a seemingly huge drawback of not having the equipment for the exercise. I just started I went out to run in the evenings, but the quarantine was so severe that even for several days it was forbidden to run through the streets. Indeed, to maintain high immunity, constant sports are required. Fortunately, the authorities thought of it and allowed it, but by that moment I was too lazy to go out alone. Before the quarantine began, we traveled with friends, there were at least 3 people and it was great, since everyone is trying to improve performance, looking at their friends and achieving more every day. As it turned out, quarantine not only removes, but also brings people closer. Before the quarantine was announced, I had no idea that I was surrounded by such good neighbors. I found myself a partner in doing sports on horizontal bars among my neighbors, unfortunately he turned out to be stronger than me, there is something he strives for (a goal has appeared), and this is very cool. Sport is one of my hobbies, and quarantine has deprived me of that. I will now try to explain why I deprived it. The gym is the place where everyone trains, there is an incentive to do this, all the guys have a specific goal, they tune in before arriving at the gym, therefore, this improves the quality of training, and shows excellent results. Also in sports clubs there is always a coach who will correct you at the right way so that you do not get injured. This disappointed me greatly. Quarantine made it possible to finish the books that I began to read. Surprisingly, I started to break my book reading records. In five days I finished a book that has five hundred pages. During quarantine, I read four books that I really liked and they are all of a different nature. But more, I prefer business books that push you to act, achieve the next goals, and teach a lot. Today one of my favorite books is "From good to great", I also recommend this book to the readers of my essay. Apart from books, I started slowly learning German. In the second year, I will begin a compulsory course in teaching the German language, thus, being an excellent student, I would like to stand out among my classmates by knowing this language, and quarantine allows me to study at home on my own. Quarantine brings family closer. Oddly enough, I began to spend more time with my loved ones. Before quarantine, we sometimes saw each other in the morning at breakfast and later in the evening at dinner. My studying schedule is very tough and requires self-discipline, the beginning of the training courses is always at 9, and the end is from 4 to 6 in the evening, and if my friends and I do not decide to get together somewhere, I come home around 7 in the evening. And so quarantine pushed it all back, so we started spending more time. I finally understood the character of my parents and their psyche, thinking abilities and what motivates them to take certain actions. When we dine together, we often discuss politics, our future and what steps need to be taken to avoid trouble.

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