I stand there eyes glued, straight ahead, to one perfect spot. My hands gripping two shoulders tightly as I stand tall on my tippy toes. I take a deep breathe readily for my moment. Listening to the crowd yelling, my nerves start to unravel. Staying focused on my one exact point. Behind me aloud, “1, 2!” is yelled. I am being lifted into the arms of the people that hold my trust and they launch me into the sky. I am soaring through the air as my muscles tighten and I hit my peak. I am continuously moving but for some reason, I feel like I am up there forever. I look at the crowd as my mouth opens with excitement. The crowd oohs and aahs in amazement by how high I am. I thrust my hips and legs forward as my toes start to reach my ears. My stomach starts to fill with butterflies as I fall down to my trusty arms. As I am caught, I feel the trust and happiness between my group.The crowd yells louder as the thrill still runs through my body. That was the best basket toss we have ever done. My group puts me down and I load in my leg to soar once again.

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