Sphinx Bazel

Sphinx Bazel born Bazel Abdella is a fiction Egyptian professional boxer. He is nicknamed Samson because of his super strength. Bazel grew up in Jamaica, but he was born in Luxor which is a modern city in Upper (southern) Egypt. He is known as the greatest and most dangerous boxer of all time with a deadly punch. Bazel has fought a powerful amateur opponent named Domino Storm. He gave Domino a chance to fight him. Bazel knew that Domino didn't fight like an amateur. He fought better than any pro boxer he had ever fought. The first time Bazel fought Domino, it was a tie. The second time Domino lost the fight in 30 rounds. The fight made history as one of the longest fights ever. Listen to the Podcast the Tale of DJ Flip https://www.spreaker.com/show/the-tale-of-dj-flip

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