The Blue Line Skull

I am not a political person and I avoid the news as if it were the plague. I don't talk about politics because I don't believe that I know enough to talk about it and if I'm being honest, my thoughts on politics gear towards anarchy. Having said all this, I cannot stay quiet about what is going on right now in America. Remaining silent means I condone the things the police are doing. Speaking as someone who has attended a program for people who plan on having a future in law enforcement, I don't agree with the way they are choosing to handle current events. And things are only getting worse. Now I'm seeing articles talking about how the police are taking up the Punisher logo, believing that this is a good idea. All this shows is how little they know about the Punisher, and his story. The Marvel comic book character the Punisher (a.k.a Frank Castle) represents a failed system, and while I don't disagree that our legal system is a disaster zone, it is not the kind of imagery police officers should want to associate with themselves. The Punisher is a violent and racist man who kills the people he deems wrong and has killed over 48 thousand people since he was created in 1974. Gerry Conway, one of the creators of the Punisher, has said that he does not like the police's use of the logo and the Punisher himself has told the police not to use his logo (Punisher #14, released July 10, 2019). When the Punisher comes across some police officers who see him as a roll model, he tells the officers the they are not the same. That the police took an oath to uphold the law and he had given that up. Police officers who wear this logo believe that it will inspire fear in the people. They believe it will discourage violence. Not only is it doing the opposite but it is also causing even more distrust. Police officers are supposed to protect, not this. They believe that people should fear them and they are wrong. You should not fear your protectors. The only people who should fear the police are real criminals, and they come in every color. They aren't just African Americans, and the way the police seem to target this community, as if they are the only ways who cause harm is appalling. It's terrible that the police don't appear to understand these things and that they aren't dealing with these issues correctly. While the president seems more interested in fanning the flame of hatred instead of trying to find a way to prevent anymore bloodshed and violence.

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