The girl who did not want to die

In my country, in my life everything was unforgettable and enjoyable as in fairy tales, but, unfortunately, after quarantine began, we had to stay at home. I have a teacher who has three boys and a girl, whose name is Dildora. In her life terrible events happened in autumn. This girl who was 18 years old, studied in medicine. She was a future doctor who cared about patients. One day, my teacher's girl had a great and luxurious party and after party Dildora felt very weak, her bones had acute aches. She was a doctor, so she didn't go to the hospital. She started taking necessary vitamins at home. But her health was very bad. One day, she got so sick that she couldn't even eat something. Her parents took her to the doctor immediately. Everyone, my teacher, her girl, had to wait a day for results to come out. It was the longest day. The next day, the analysis identified that Dildora was diagnosed with the Covid. After three days, she got so sick and she went into deep coma. The world went dark for my teacher. Dildora's mother called a lot of doctors, who worked in Moscow, India and even England. However, they didn't come because the the Covid spread over the world. They didn't know that Dildora was doctor as them. My teacher cried a lot and prayed for girl's recovery. After about ten days, Dildora died, my teacher's girl died, a beautiful and muslim girl died. When I went to the condolence, my teacher had lost little happiness. Her life likes pages without colours. After about 2 months , my teacher began giving lessons without happiness and joyfulness. But, this incident taught my teacher more powerful, more patient and more careful for health of other three children. It is obviously that the Covid caused to separate people themselves, some people lost their close-knit friends, parents and children as my teacher. I know this story is boring for some, but this is not usual. The Covid caused untimely death of a girl who did not want to die. This story is not impressive because I am not a writer. However, I hope that this is loved by some people who passed some challenges like this!

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