The Greatest Showman

The greatest showman was a door to my dreams. I am a dreamer. I wished to become a stager, and the movie really touches my heart on dreaming big and not to give up on your dreams  no matter what the hindrances are. In the very first place I was amazed by the boy's character, he was a survivor and his courage was heart stopping. He inspired people, not just ordinary one but also the people around us who don't have confidence. As what I have witnessed he was their voice, he raised their confidence and trained them to fly high. In real world their are people who can boost your confidence, who can motivate you to get out from your shell and to shine bright. But never forget that yourself is the reason why you're doing such things because you are the reason why your heart beats, going back to the story, he followed his heart and that's what made his dream possible. During their circus play they gave justices to their roles, they communicate to their audiences and that's why the crowd understand them because in their eyes you can truly see the messages because they were good. There is one thing that I am going to apply for sure when I am on stage, and that is to have fun before, during, and in the end of the play. Entertaining people is not an easy job but when you entertain people with all your heart it feels like you're entertaining yourself as well. Their applause is your trophy. Don't be scared to let your heart rule because in the end it'll all be worth it.

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