The importance of giving rather than receiving

I grew up in a big family where atmosphere of friendship and compassionate is in importance. As an older sister, one of my necessaries is share everything and help to my siblings. However, I never understand, why sharing can make my life happier or even give me some benefit.When I was 15 years old, I start studying a lot, due to of my exams, certificate. I dedicated all my free time for studying, but, on the other hand, I didn't help my sisters with homework or my mum with housework. In addition, I limit my conversation with friendsUnfortunately, despite how hard I tried, I didn't get excellent marks from all subjects. It was one the most stressful part of my life, when I concerned about my future, my job, all in all about life. I feel upset. Every time thoughts about what I had sacrificed for this exam, filled my head and made me really anxious. One typical summer day, I was in library. All friends know that you can find me in the library only in the section of math, science and English literature. The exception was that day when I pay attention on the section called psychology where I found a book with simple cover but, famous author Dale Carnegie which called “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living”. This book helps me more even today than knowledge of 10 grades.After reading book, I find a spark of passion for focusing on what I really love to do. Finding my interest in programming and robotics give me a lot dopamine to realize my potential in STEM. I took place in the Moscow, Karaganda, Louisville “Vex Robotics Competition” which my school sponsored and help me to introduce Kazakhstan to other countries. I noticed lack of girls in an engineering or programming specializes. Therefore, I started YouTube blog where I share my background and try to motivate girls to involve in technical sphere. As a result, by sharing my experience, helping my friends to pass their exams and sharing knowledge, money with others, I become happier than in my past life. I started realize that happiness is not having luxury house or brand clothes, happiness is not working at Google or having latest IPhone, happiness is communicating with people, sharing ideas and thoughts, for instance, just telling your problem to other, makes you feel calmer and lightened. The power of giving rather than sharing makes our planet kind. I had a lot of moments where effect of boomerang worked. Once, I was in bus stop, waiting the bus with a teacher. When It came, I went inside and suddenly, realized that I don't have coins for bus, also no money in my bus card. Inside the bus is some people whom I didn't know. That teacher saw me and give me money to pay. He doesn't know me, but he really helped me. Because, my house located far from school, therefore I couldn't walk to there. After several days, I was in queue where woman left her purchase at home and she need some money to buy. I immediately use this moment, give her some money. After this she gave thanks to me. Let is imagine, if we get everything from the Earth but do not return, we might face with ecological problems. If we get all resources from our parents or mentors but, never help them, everyone will avoid us because, even if you don't care about closes who wants to be friend with you. Therefore, if we don't give back, it doesn't hurt only a receiver, it may have consequences on us. For instance, we get everything from ocean. Starting from fish, finishing with energy resources like oil and minerals. Ocean resources provide jobs, goods and services for billions of people around the world and have immense economic importance. Unfortunately, we forget about helping ocean by cleaning shore or stop excessive fishing. We throw bin which everyday accumulates on the ocean. But, if we stop getting so much resources and start giving to him by cleaning or looking after endangered species, it will recover and feed us for a long time. Therefore, it is very important to not push the sense of duty to the nature, family and God. We often raise our kids to get the highest marks, the top facilities or study in the prestige universities, even tell them to get high-paid job. Yes, I am not arguing, but not every parent ask their children end of the school day, “Whom you helped? or What you did to be grateful? or Did he give a helping hand to surrounding?”. In my point of view, raising kids to not compete with society, but to be part of them will help him to be more opened and generous. To sum it up, I want underline that everyone should teach themselves to give, to share and to help. It really makes you a part of something big and if you start helping you do not want to give up or stop, because, it gives you a mass of positive energy and you realize values of life. It helps you to focus on good things and fill life with happy moments. Because, everyone should understand that all of us a big family. And giving instead of receiving helps us to save our friendship, stability and values.

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