The Last Discount for Look for Me Under the Rainbow in 2020

I hope you already got to read and review my YA novella about the harp seal pup Danny and the group of activists and environmentalists trying to save him from the hands of greedy humans. In case you didn't, this is the last opportunity to get Look for Me Under the Rainbow at a 67% discount price this year! Sunday, November 15, 2020, 8:00 AM PST through Sunday, November 22, 2020, 12:00 AM PS Please read an excerpt to get a better feeling of this beautiful, gentle and touching story. * * * Too late, Danny realized he did not have time nor strength enough to reach his mother for protection. With tears in his eyes, he watched her blurred shape stumbling slowly closer to him and tried to call out. But he could not, his throat felt choked. He braced himself for what was coming. Trying not to turn away, he looked the human in the eyes, at least he thought those were the eyes of this bizarre creature. He had learned the lesson well, as everything else his mother taught him, and now he had to apply his knowledge in real life whether he liked it or not. Staring, he stood motionless even when he heard noises behind him. In the corner of his field of vision, he noticed his mother between him and the human being. She growled dangerously even when the thing covering the creature's head fell off as it slipped onto the ice in its effort to go around his mother. Danny's fear disappeared, when he saw something almost un-believable. Lovely golden hair, soft as the finest fur, fell in waves down the red buttoned-up parka. Danny thought it must be human fur. He couldn't stop gazing at the sea colored eyes, set in the perfectly carved features of her face. They caressed him with pleasant warmth and kindness. Only red lips, the tip of the nose and rosy cheeks stood in contrast to the harmony and beauty of the face. When she sprayed his fur and spoke words he did not understand, Danny was not afraid. At the same time, she held his mother at a safe distance, not allowing her to come closer. He could do nothing but stare at those eyes, the incredible blue eyes that came from an unknown world. Enchanted, he looked at his own image reflected in them while she gently patted his head, whispering tenderly. She stood up, folded her hair back under the hood, smiled at him and started back to the ship from which she had come and scared the wits out of him. And Danny still looked at her, transfixed. His mother's tears, falling like warm and silent drops on his face, returned him to reality. * * * If you want to read the whole story, download your copy here for only $0.99! Look for Me Under the Rainbow is primarily read by younger readers, but it is a story for everyone, especially the readers who cherish our beautiful planet and wish to protect its treasures. Thank you for reading Look for Me Under the Rainbow and leaving an honest review on Amazon and Goodreads. Your honest reviews are most appreciated and welcome, so thank you for your time and effort to write a few lines about my book. Thank you also for spreading the message. Please don't forget to check out my two other books, A World Without Color and January River, which you can also get as eBook and paperback. All three books can be nice gifts your beloved ones will appreciate. Download Look for Me Under the Rainbow: BJ Original post:

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