'5461', '15246', 'Photo', 'Article', 'Should we draw a conclusion that Uganda's political space thrives under full democracy? Compilation of Robert Ssekolya (Teacher, professional writer, mentor, business man, renowned blogger) On October, 1, 2020, history will unfold that at 10pm during Agataliko Nfuufu (scrutinized news broadcast) at Bukedde TV, His Excellence Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the president of Uganda and one of the most serving presidents of Africa since the continent's renaissance was quoted to have said 'there is no country in the world which is more democratic than Uganda '. Well, we have no mandate to discretely refute the presidential statement before having a critical reflection and introspection of the metamorphosis of democracy way back from 1962 when Uganda celebrated her independence. Based on a comparative analysis of the lens and moot question of democracy under different governments both local and international governments, and to a certain degree, we bestow honor and thank His Excellence president Museveni for realizing a pocket-sized democracy in Uganda during his 34 year old leadership trajectory. However, as the incumbent president seeks reelection in the forthcoming presidential elections, his government is called upon to reexamine itself in the way it manages and administers the resources of the country mostly the human resource to leverage its stance on democracy. If we were to unearth how Ugandans are constantly brutalized and dehumanized by the current regime then...things would take a new twist, the genre of our story wouldn't be a SCI-Fl or a romantic story but rather... ...if you value and dignify humanity and you were once at the sad scene gazing at the last breath of your family member, neighbor or a friend being grappled and annihilated by the perpetrators of democracy, you can concur that such high pitched statements are based on facts. To date, we are still experiencing a terrifying wail of many innocent Ugandans who lost their lives while spearheading the political campaign to propel the country to the peak of a new government. It's critical that the current government redefines the term "democracy" so that prior to the terminal phase of the election process, Ugandans are satisfied that autocracy no longer assumes any position in the political leadership of their country. Does it fashionably call for resignation of the incumbent president to revive the country through unfeigned democratic systems?'s difficult to pursue such an ideal decision, however, if this could be a nightmare especially to many protagonists from the NRM political wing, then such pro-NRM cadres (the iconic actors in the evolution of the NRM party) can cherish the following duality of options; They can either craftily draft another plan (plan B) that will restructure the NRM leadership systems and ensure that democracy prevails in the African Pearl. treacherously continue to blindfold Ugandans with false pledges for fear of dislodging the incumbent president and in order to suppress the driving forces inducing the leadership transition from a cohort of prehensile rulers. All sectors should design blueprints that reorient them to demonstrate democracy in their operations. The police, judiciary and other law enforcement organs are not only accountable to peace and tranquillity of the natives but are also mandated by the constitution to enforce performance and standards in the application of the law against offenders irrespective of their political affiliations and socio-economic backgrounds. They ought to streamline their interventions and service delivery pathways by responding to the outcry of Ugandans in pursuit of practical and effective administration of law and justice. The assumption is that all people have equal inalienable right to self expression and justice. We earnestly request, the government and its organs as highlighted above, all private actors including but not limited to human rights activists, individual play a pivotal role in promoting the civic rights of all Ugandans especially during this time when Ugandans are cogitating about the election countdown. The ultimate goal is to observe the Rule of Law as well as ensuring that democracy is prevalent in Uganda and that harmony flourishes throughout the country. Expressing our feelings, emotions, thoughts and sharing ideas, insights, knowledge and wisdom is always our corporate job in a bid to fix the problems overwhelming our society.

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