The Regretted Decision

She looked up at the dull, dark, gray sky. It still looked calm, fitting how she was feeling completely. Numb, broken, alone despite the people around her. This was her fault though, she had let an opportunity go far away from her grasp. She had it, she lost it then now she craves it, but it's all too late now. It had all started a few months ago, back in the beginning of spring. She had left her house in the morning to go to her best friend's house, Janice, to take care of her kids while she went away on a business trip for the weekend. As she drove down the street she remembered the conversation she had with her mother the night before. They had started out with a normal conversation about how her family back home was doing, not failing to mention that her sister, Emily, was getting married soon and that they wanted her to be the maid of honor. She had agreed, explaining that she would go home for a while that coming week. Feeling the horrible question coming she tried to ease the conversation away but it had been asked since as long as she can remember. "When are you getting married?"Niki sighed. She got tired of having people ask her that all the time. So what if she didn't get married. What if she wanted to be alone? What if she was happy without having someone by her side? Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted by her phone ringing. "Hello?" "Niki? When are you getting here my plane leaves in an hour.” "Oh hello to you too Jani. I'm here so can you please open the door." And she hung up. A few seconds passed when the large mahogany door opened with Janice standing by the entrance of the door. The house looked average on the outside with the white walls and stone foundation, the landscape making it look much more lived in. Nikki walked in glancing around the already familiar home. The high ceiling lights were on allowing a warm undertone cast on her furniture and throughout the house. White walls decorated with pictures of family and friends, making it feel like home, which in a way it should be.

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