The Regretted Decision part 2

“Thanks for coming in such a short notice hun, it was such a last minute meeting Carlos had. If it wasn't for me having to go to New York Fashion Week I would take them with me.” Nikki shook her head, “No it's fine, besides I was just going to go back home earlier. So you saved me.” Janice stood at the door with her straight light brown hair, falling over her shoulders, and her bangs covering her light brown eyes. Her tan skin was the only difference since they were younger. “Why were you going to go back home? Wasn't it you who said you rather gouge your eyes out than to spend vacation with them?” As Niki walked inside, she saw Carol and Carlo watching an animated movie, “Hey, your favorite aunt is here!” Niki walked further inside and straight into the living room where they were watching the TV. Without receiving a glance she sighed, making her way into the kitchen island that separated the living room from the kitchen and dining room. "Thank you so much for doing this." Janice handed her a bottled water to which Niki smiled "It's no problem at all. I didn't have anything else to do." "Well you do, you got your sister's wedding. You should be in Florida by now." a tinge of anxiety grew inside Niki, making her frown. "I see Em told you about her wedding." Janice nodded. "Yea. She had asked for the kids to be the flower girl and ring bearer. I couldn't exactly say no.” "Really? I thought she would ask you to be her godmother of something. I never expected for her to ask me to be one of her maids of honor. We never really got along, so never really crossed my mind. Apparently they have everything and all I need to do is to measure my dress." Janice shook her head. "You're her sister, no matter what your differences are you two will always be sisters. I expected them to tell you sooner, which makes sense since you would've disappeared if you had a heads up. I want to hurry this trip up so I can have enough time to go to the wedding." Niki just stared down at her hand. She knew what was coming next. "Niki--- you're the oldest out of you two, don't you think you should've gotten married before Em?" Niki sighed, forcing a smile. "I don't think that there is someone out there for me. Besides, I was never one to go out and talk to people, you know this. It's understandable why she is ahead in a lot of things. In any case, I don't think age matters when you get married. I don't need anyone anyways. I don't think I'll ever get married, besides I'm glad my sister is getting married. She deserves to be happy." Niki tried to keep her smile but it was slowly fading. Janice smiled getting up in the process. "Alright I get it. Well I should get going if I want to make it back on time. I'll see you in a week, okay?" Niki nodded giving her a quick hug before she walked into the living room to say goodbye to the kids. When she left they all sat down quietly as they continued to watch the movie. Time passed slowly making it difficult to keep focused on the movie, before she knew it was an hour past dinner time. Standing up, she made her way into the kitchen grabbing the essentials to make her specialty, Mac & Cheese. They ate it happily, while they talked some more about the wedding, making them yawn from exhaustion. They walked upstairs to get ready, finding their beds their heads hit the pillow, automatically falling into a deep sleep. Once the kids were safe inside their beds, Niki made her way downstairs. She was about to lie down on the couch again when she heard a key turning the lock on the door.She got up and cautiously walked to open it, surprise taking over her face as she sees a young looking guy with light skin and light brown eyes that were mostly covered by his black medium length hair, his curly locks hiding bits of his eyes. He was tall, which distracted Niki from her current situation at hand. This guy was exactly like Janice, except he was obviously a guy. She felt a strange pull towards him that she decided to ignore. She couldn't stand the awkwardness of the situation. "How may I help you?"She asked trying to stay calm. She was never good with talking to guys and that irritated her. The guy smiled sweetly "My names Adrian, what's yours?”

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