We are in Preparation

I was in the thick of emotional turmoil last January facing the predicted ending of a relationship with an addict.  I had lost myself and was desperately trying to gain new ground and stand on my own two legs for stability.  I was dreaming every night and journaling every day hoping to make sense out of why I had compromised my convictions and wasted so much time believing in the potential of another more than myself.  Crazy enough I managed to present my prayers repeatedly to Daddy in hopes of His intervention.  I logged my journey of feelings and drafted plans for the next ten years because my spirit sensed that my circumstances could turn around, if only I turned my focus back to myself.  Amazingly, a year and a half later, prophet Doug Addison reminded believers to ask once again for what we lifted up last January.  I went directly to my stack of binders and pulled out the memories which were written in my own words that captured night dreams and daily events that greatly shook my foundation of peace.  It opened my spiritual eyes as I read about my heart being prepared for a lifelong Savior who would wash the pain of empty promises and pill popping partners away. The reality of the enemy's relentless schemes and attacks always thwart our relationships, breaking down feelings of love and acceptance.  If he could convince God's children that they are alone and unloved year after year, what hope would they have in the New year?  Too often we bring our beliefs with us through any cross-over; salvation, deliverance or healing.  Maturity this year however, started over 18 months ago as our thoughts acknowledged that the enemy and his demonic army attack relationships because of the potential of love to be found in them.  Jesus only wants a relationship with people, for it to be a choice each individual makes to get to know Him.  It need not matter what church, soup kitchen,meeting, organization or volunteer membership you attend if you have not love, for trying to get along well with others requires that your strength depends upon His love alone.  And for every believer that goes much deeper than salvation and will require a hunger for deliverance that unlocks further healing. Notice and open your spiritual eyes to ways that friction, misunderstandings, judgment, criticisms, opinions, and self protective walls have started to erode this year as love overcomes the enemy.  We are a little over the half way mark in 2018 but still reminded to breathe life of prayers prayed in our recent past that have positioned our families and friends to receive love from us like never before.  I have declared complete victory in all of my relationships and recognize that He went into action for forgiveness as soon as I asked.  I may have forgotten about the details but the words penned on paper leapt off the page when I looked back on them because deep connections exist now that seemed impossible before. Begin to lift up those closest to you who have been hurt by your doubt and unbelief in a loving Father.  If Daddy is the source of love and He is everywhere it only makes sense that the enemy creates misunderstandings, false assumptions, addictions and lies to hurt relationships that could exude Him.  The year 2017 positioned God's children for overcoming the enemy in our thoughts and behaviors so we can have complete victory in our relationships that were always intended for love and acceptance forevermore. What that means for us now in July 2018, is that everything we failed to see prosper all last year, is now due for a second look.  Re-claim the hopes and dreams that ignited passion for truth, love and understanding, victory over obstacles and resurrected health and life over our families and individual situations.  Most of us embarked last year with fervency only to have suffered great loss over the following 12 months.  We usually succumb to acceptance when hope has been deferred and the pain of possibly losing another battle keeps us from praying into the up-grade, but the promotion is still here.  We are being prepared for the greatest time this earth has ever seen and that entitles you and I to stand firm in our inheritance of love and acceptance.  Breathe deeply and blow out the breath that lies dormant within you so that lost dreams are captured again, loved ones are reconciled and truth of the Gospel is felt instead of having to be preached.  It is our time, it always has been, now just expect to see the manifestation of it.

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