Shobana Gomes

Poet & Author

Subang Jaya, Malaysia

Shobana Gomes is a Poet and Writer from Malaysia. Her poetry and prose have been published in various prestigious newsletters and magazines. Her books under ancient and classical literature (Author of the Past, Where the Rain Falls and Goddess of the Himavan) have reached No.1 on Kindle's new releases.

Shobana loves writing about love, beauty, nature and life. Her book of poetry, Soulful Rhapsody, published in Kindle Edition in Feb 2024 as a tribute to Valentine's Day, speaks eloquently about the many facets of lovers and love.

Her children's books are written and published as her Gift a Child initiative, a project she is working on to improve and reach greater heights for children around the world. She is the proud essayist of Children of War, which has won 2 prestigious storytelling contests so far.

Welter@University of Baltimore (Dec 2023 - online essay contest)

Biopage Storytelling Contest (Feb 2024)

When not writing, Shobana creates poetic memorabilia and quotes for special occasions. You can follow her on her YouTube, Pinterest, X and Linkedin accounts @shobanagomes.

"Treasure those poetic moments of your life, you will never experience them twice."


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Raised by God

Jun 09, 2024 5 days ago

It is a beautiful Sunday morning here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. However, while the sun shines gloriously now, rain is predicted in the early hours of the evening, as has been the case the past few weeks. Sometimes, the thunderstorms are ferocious, lightning flashes across the skies threateningly, and floods low-lying areas. I just published a part-memoir, literary fiction titled, Raised by God, on Amazon. It is one of the books I am proud to have written, and which brought back precious memories of my past. What is the story about? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0D6K1F75C The book "Raised by God" recounts the story of a girl born to a beautiful, young mother. Description: Shortly after birth, her Grandfather, a high school headmaster, registered her birth at the registrar's office. However, the parents found that the surname was mis-spelt in the document. They request that the grandfather correct it at the registrar. However, he refuses, stating, "No, leave it as it is spelt in the document. The child is set apart from the rest." As she grows up, she learns that she is special. She goes through many trials, faces dangerous situations, and is saved miraculously. When she was born, Seraphim beamed her radiance, while the host of angels accompanying her proclaimed, “Now you have to live the life of a mortal before God shows himself to you, and then, what remarkable tidings await you.” The story takes a dramatic turn when the family is involved in a car accident. Miraculously, an Angel of God rescues the child, who dies and is brought back to life. On Kindle. A paperback version is available on @Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0D6K1F75C The book delves into themes of family, identity, and the transformative power of faith in the face of adversity. Amidst the fear, trials and tribulations, the child grows up with the presence of God lighting every path she treads in life. Have a great weekend everyone, and Happy Reading. Shobana Kitty, School & Me. With my heart pounding, I entered the church and stood before Our Lady's Grotto. There was no one there except for me. I was about to make the sign of the cross when I saw a ray of light, like a halo, radiating the statue of the Virgin Mary. I stared hard at the statue, unable to comprehend the light. I saw how beautiful Our Lady looked at that moment. Her face glowed and shone. I stood there for a few more minutes, staring at her immaculate face. The statue seemed to come alive. I had never seen a face as beautiful as hers. The bright light was a brilliant white and blinded me for a second. The Virgin Mother smiled and looked immaculately pure and serene. Awed by her beauty, I stared hard at her face, before saying, “You are so beautiful.” Raised by God is a must-read. Get your copy. Read on Kindle. Free on Kindle Unlimited.

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Vivid imagery and descriptions in a story will remain in your mind long after reading. While dialogues make a statement to ignite your understanding, descriptive language makes a story come alive to leave a lasting impression. A story should feature dialogues complementing great narratives to make it an immersive read. How does a story capture the interest of a reader? The first few lines in a story are important elements to attract a reader to pick up your book. Readers are interested in reading a story until the end when the descriptions are clear, concise, and engaging enough to pull them into the story. While poets often leave the interpretation of a poem to the reader, narratives must be imparted effectively for understanding. When I delve into a book, I am drawn by the vivid imagery and descriptions in the narratives. If an author has painted a captivating, relatable picture of what the book represents, it would interest me to read the whole story. Here's an example: “Witnessing their love for each other, were the blue corals and pebbles that lined the seabeds, while the rays from the sun glistened like pearls on the shimmering waters.' Dialogues are important structure-building elements of a story. Dialogues add depth, and realism, and are a vital component to effective storytelling. However, stories can be told without them if the imagery and descriptions ignite an interest in a reader's five senses. ‘The Road' by Cormac McCarthy is a fine example of a successful fiction novel without dialogue that won the Pulitzer Prize in 2007. McCarthy concentrates on rich descriptions to attract the reader's senses, adding depth and rhythm to the story. He was so good that his book exemplified the power of descriptive language to pique a reader's interest and win the coveted title. A dialogue-free novel conveys a character's thoughts and reflections through internal monologues that will provide motivating insights into the story. Descriptions expressed profoundly empower a story. To engage your readers use aesthetic language and metaphors. ‘The lush, breathtakingly beautiful green landscape starkly contrasted the blue of the turquoise waters.' When describing an emotion, make sure the reader feels the story as it unfolds. In a reader's mind, he should be able to see, hear, taste and smell. This way you will engage a reader's senses to respond to your descriptions as you want them to. It is in the hands of the author to align a reader's thoughts with his. For instance, if you are talking about the sea, describe how deeply connected you are to the beauty and vast expanse of the ocean. How do the lapping waves affect you? Or the tides as they rush ashore? Use metaphors to describe nature's phenomenal wonder. ‘The translucent waters covered her feet in lyrical movements.” Write different descriptions of the scenes so you make the story intricately variable. They work wonders to create a lasting impression in the reader's mind. ‘The vivid imagery and descriptions in her writing capture the beauty and magic of the sea, likening the eyes to the breathtaking turquoise waters and exploring the wonders of the underwater world, including the delicate anemones.' In the above description, by referring to the anemones as delicate, the sea creatures' strength, vulnerability, beauty, and resilience are explained as they survive a rough underwater habitat. Through creative figures of speech, the readers will imagine and discover the magic of enchantment and intrigue in the words. ‘With eyes as breathtaking as the turquoise waters of the sea, she discovers the true magic of the island.' Textures, colours, sounds and smells are sensory details to focus on to build a rich setting for a story. Create an awesome emotional experience and add authenticity to your stories so readers will never forget how your book made them feel. Some of the stories I have read have impacted me emotionally to a great extent, and the words and imagery still evoke the same feelings as when I first read them. Authentic writing involves properly researched and truthful narratives incorporated into the story to create a deeper connection with the characters and themes. Storytelling is the ability to emotionally engage the reader and leave them feeling contented with your book at the end. Not only do vivid imagery and descriptions emphasise enrichment and broaden perspectives, but they also inspire personal growth. As an author, your goal is to impress a reader so that he will return to read more of your stories. Isn't that the dream of an author? To have his book recognised as a compelling read so that he attains credibility and is renowned as a writer. Storytelling is the art of weaving narratives and dialogues masterfully to enliven a reader's mind with a well-crafted story. Cheers to the great storytellers of all time.

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May's Light

May 09, 2024 1 month ago

It's not only the month to celebrate Mothers, May represents a transition period in seasons. In the Northern Hemisphere, it is Spring to Summer. In the Southern Hemisphere, it is autumn to winter. A time for growth, and the blossoming of nature. The time for renewal in various cultures. A time to celebrate life. May which means Elder in Latin, is named after the Roman Goddess Maia, representing growth and fertility. The Lily of the Valley flower symbolises the month of May. What purity the flower represents and one of the most gorgeous, gentle flowers which bloom with pride. I remember it was Queen Elizabeth's favourite flower. And even more special is, in May, we celebrate the feast of Our Lady of Fatima. Catholics pray their rosaries fervently, especially for World Peace in this climate of great upheavals. Even, nature has been upheaved. What a sad thing. Everywhere there is some form of disaster taking place. There is the distress of war which has disrupted the order of the world. And yet, it continues. Last Tuesday, I woke up in the wee hours of the morning. What was it that woke me? I was not sure. So, I got dressed and attended the morning mass at Assumption Church. The church had just been renovated and I thought to take a picture of the Grotto. Here it is: (Please view the picture here: https://shobanasmusings.blogspot.com/2024/05/mays-light.html) It was still dark in the morning, so the Grotto picture looked like it was taken at night. (Please view the picture here: https://shobanasmusings.blogspot.com/2024/05/mays-light.html) I decided to stand before the Statue and take a photo. However, this is reflected in my picture. The statue of Our Lady was not visible. And I was standing right in front of her. The light from the Grotto radiated to create a mystery instead. Strange, but uplifting that the light fell on me. Something I can't explain. The month of May is gorgeous. Let's hope we find the courage to bring peace back to warring nations and turn Mother Nature's wrath into placidity. Think about the future of our children. We need to bring peace and stability back to the world. We can only do this if we respect each other's diversity and build strength with our differences. Have a great month everyone. Shobana Free Book to Read #Inkittbooks: Coralia https://www.inkitt.com/stories/romance/1205996

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A holiday treat! Read a captivating story set in the mystical Langkawi Island of Malaysia, home of the legendary Princess Mahsuri, where folklore is revived and remembered. As vibrant as the corals that provide sustenance for the creatures of the sea, comes a namesake in Coralia. With eyes as breathtaking as the turquoise waters of the sea, she discovers the true magic of the island. Please press the like button if you liked the story and I would love to know what you think of the story so please write a review. https://www.inkitt.com/stories/romance/1205996. Thank you.

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A Christmas Duet on Notion Press

Apr 26, 2024 1 month ago

My book is an entry for the ChampionshipDeal by Publishers Notion Press. Here's the link to buy the book. With your support, I can win prizes and get my book into the Dehli Book Fair in 2025. https://notionpress.com/read/a-christmas-duet. The synopsis can be found on the link. A Christmas Duet was my first fiction with poetic verses incorporated into the story and got me the top 10% writer's badge for the Inkitt Grand Novel contest. Have a lovely weekend. Thank you.

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