Dr. Sandesh Lamsal

Nepalese internet celebrity, Doctor, Model

Kathmandu, Nepal

Dr Sandesh Lamsal is a Nepalese internet celebrity, doctor, sportsman, model and social worker known for his innovative posts on different social media platforms and achievements in his social, professional & public life.

According to different sources, Dr Sandesh Lamsal is the "First Nepalese Internet Celebrity" to be verified on all social media platforms including Google, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon, YouTube, Telegram, TikTok, Likee, Moj, Josh, Chingari, Tiki, Hoote and Vero app in 2022. Dr Sandesh Lamsal is the first Nepalese Male to hit 1 Million on Instagram.

He is also considered the "Most Handsome Nepali Man" by different news sources, on the basis of his astonishing social media posts, bold character and hot photographs found on the internet.


On Social Media

Dr Sandesh Lamsal is a well-known social media influencer from Nepal. Recently, he was seen sharing the screen with popular Nepali singers Raju Pariyar, Khuman Adhikari, Arjun Sapkota, Shanti Shree Pariyar, Laxmi Khadka and Apsara Oli in the music video entitled "Batti Panasma" feat. models Bikram Nepali and Reshma Subedi. The video premiered on "Panas Films" Official YouTube Channel has gained about 250K views in 1 month along with lots of positive comments and feedback from the audience. While talking with the production team, we came to know that Dr Sandesh Lamsal was invited by the singer Khuman Adhikari for the guest appearance. Khuman Adhikari further added, "It's a matter of pride that the young and new generation's internet sensations are actively supporting and promoting Nepali folk and traditional songs. Nepali Music Industry will always be grateful for such kind of support from the new generation influencers and internet celebrities." While another popular Nepali singer Raju Pariyar, who has given voice to more than 15,000 Nepali songs commented, "Nepalese Internet celebrities like Dr Sandesh Lamsal are the face of Nepali Music Industry in the very near future. The interest and dedication which he has shown towards Nepali Folk Songs are very appreciable." He further added, "We want to see more talents like Dr Sandesh in Nepali Music Industry." Dr Sandesh Lamsal has a huge fan base on Instagram (@Sandesh.1994). He is the first Nepalese Male to hit 1 Million on Instagram. Similarly, his fan base on Indian Social Media Platforms Like MOJ, JOSH, CHINGARI, CHANGA, etc can't be underestimated. Dr Sandesh Lamsal is frequently seen promoting Nepali culture, tradition and language in India through his verified pages on these platforms.

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