Freddy Coleg


Haiti, Haiti

Fred Aspervil, popularly known as Freddy Coleg, is a former wrestler in Reading high school. He was born on October 1, 1997, in Haiti. He is 22 years old and has a height of 5'10 feet. At an early age, Freddy Coleg fell in love with sporting activities. Young Freddy was used to working out in the morning. He will always leave the house every morning with his father to go for an early morning jug and will hurry back to get dressed for school.

Overtime, Freddy picked interest in wrestling. He liked the body built of most of the wrestlers he watched on the television and the skills they exhibit when they fight. In his leisure time, he reads books about wrestling, and when alone, he practices what he has watched on television.

During his high school days, he was a hard-working student, and everybody loved him for that. His teachers always make an example of him because of his educational prowess.

Freddy Coleg has always had an eye for sporting activities, most especially wrestling. His love for wrestling has no bound and was waiting for an opportunity to become one himself. As soon as he entered high school, he knew the time was right, and so after a few days in school, he joined the wrestling club and was committed to it till his graduation. He was very dedicated and practiced very hard. He pushed himself beyond limits, and his hard work finally paid off when he was given the best wrestler in Reading High school. He represented his school in different wrestling competitions and came back with belts.

Even though most of Fred Coleg's time was spent practicing the art of wrestling, he never for once failed his examination throughout his high school days. His best subject was physical education, which he always passes with a distinction. He was more knowledgeable in the subject because he knew most of the topics that were taught as he has seen them use it in television or listen to it through the radio.

Although Freddy Coleg no longer wrestles since he left high school, he never stopped his daily work out, which has become part of him. He takes out time to visit the gym every day, and he encourages his friends and associates at work to do the same because keeping fit is as valuable to him as food is to the body. He believes that with proper exercise of the body, the body will have more stamina, and you will have the mind to overcome the stress of the day.

Freddy Coleg is currently a motivational speaker. He travels around the world to give a speech to young people, coaching them on how best they can be responsible and successful in life. He believes that there is no short cut to success and that we must all pay the price of success, which is hard work. He advised young people to spend their time well and use their youthful strength to work their way up to success for a time will come when they won't be able to do it.

Freddy Coleg is a focused person and anything he sets out to do in life; he gives his all.


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