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Write your biography - that’s what this blank space asks me to do and all I can feel is my life rewinding and playing itself again, all in fast forward.

But one thing remains constant in the whole going back and forth, its me through all ages.

Born second but the first girl in our family of 8, I was the youngest but not for long until my partner in crime, my little sister took that position and happy as hell I was to pass that to her because I was more keen on the companion I had been gifted.

I was very naughty or in good words, just so restless, I always got in trouble everywhere but all passed the innocence test in front of my parents. For an example, I managed to pull the new television we bought whilst hanging and hugging it , on my leg. But still my parents did not ever find it difficult to nurture us because we lived in a joint family, time passes quickly and positively with big families. That is the best memory of my childhood, me and my sister playing all sorts of girlish games and going through the series of fights and patch ups.

We all know that good times never last forever and so it never did and I grew up, that wasn’t bad either but the most difficult part after living for 25 years was, to leave my parent’s house, the house where I learnt how to walk, where I learnt all that I know today....to this new house which isn’t bad at all but it isn’t mine yet, SOCIETY....that’s what happened to me. I got married to one of the best man I have ever met, someone who reminds me of my dad and my brother.

The dilemma that it’s too early for biography I feel but on the contrary, it might be the perfect time because its the new life, a new beginning.

The era of responsibilities begins....

Ingredients of Life

Dec 27, 2017 6 years ago

Memories are so relative and diverse at all times, we make them, we filter them, we sort them and finally they are treasured. There is always some adding and fading, but the ones that mark some remarkable change in one's life are the prominent ones, isn't it?? We store them in photographs or notes when we want a few events to stay as the most memorable, but they just stay as the worst ones, even when we never planned to hold them. Every day of life is surely a gift, however, we cannot make each day one of the best memory and hence there is a plan. It makes us walk through the ups and downs, a mere chance to build a few memories; some as lessons and some as just a reason to smile. Here I want to narrate one such roller coaster I went through recently, one which can never fade, a collective memory that marked the biggest change of my life. It holds some good ones, some better ones and a few with tears. Two years ago, the first time when my boyfriend left for his studies to USA, I saw him walk through this wide airport door. Beyond which seemed like another world, the one I would only see in words then. But, he made a promise of a life together and, desperately, since then I held my horses tight to walk through the same door with him. Seasons went by and finally the time arrived, the hour where life was about to change. It was going to be just the two of us in a foreign country. At that instant it felt like there is something walking backwards, moving away. The feeling of forgetting something, I was definitely leaving something behind. Though the things I was leaving back in India were the most precious and will always be. My farewell in India started with a lot of tears because I was leaving everyone who were constantly a part of my life since 25 years. My parents who brought me to life, my little sister whom i pampered, I left them to enter a different home first following the traditions of marriage. Now I was just moving farther. Furthermore, the parents-in-law that destiny had presented, I was leaving them too. The bond that I did not get enough time to strengthen, the love that could have grown deeper, I was moving away for the better and for what I had chosen for myself. Yet between all the turmoil of emotions, the sinking feeling while I was stepping through that awaited door started to evaporate suddenly when the hand that held me a few years back, pulled me closer yet again with a little press as a gesture of love. And a wide smile that made my sadness seemed so tiny; there he was, the man of my choice and my dreams. The person who lived in the virtual world of facetime and skype until a few days ago. He came, he conquered and reversed my world in real sense because I was now going to see the people outside those doors in the virtual world. Life was updating itself and I was not scared anymore because I knew that I held the right hand, and the right man. I always knew this, but I was surer when he threw himself over me to kiss off my tears and said the words, "main hoon na" (meaning i am there in Hindi) the ones that made me fall for him all over again. His positive eyes winked at me and the joy in them filled mine with the tears of happiness. Finally I was ready to take off, to treasure the day as full of love as every tear that fell off my loved ones wasn't sad, it was pure indication of the affection they held for me. A little sweet, a little unusual, a little happy, a little sad, memories will always stay a mixture of emotions because memories are made of people and they are never simple.

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