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May 29, 2019 4 years ago

True friends and true friendship though difficult to find in today's world, does exist. True friends surely are the ones who stand by you whenever you need them no matter what. Distance doesn't count when it comes to friendship. This special bond is built on trust and companionship. We share all our secrets sorrows and happiness with them. They are the ones who stay in your heart and have a special place that no one else can replace. Life without friends is incomplete. It's like sweet without sugar in it. It's true friendship when thinking of your friends you get lost in the thoughts and moments shared with them.

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May 27, 2019 4 years ago

It is said that the first word that a child speaks is \\"Maa\\". \\"Maa\\" that is mother is indeed an universal figure. Her love is universal and unconditional.\nShe is someone who cares for her child the most, in fact she is the one who has made most sacrifices for us. She is the one, the reason behind our existence, the one who carried us in her womb for nine months. She beared the pain to bring us to this world. She raises us from a small immature kid to a grown up person, takes care of us and inhibits in us all the moral values. Her love is the one which never fades away. She is also the one who manages everything perfectly.\nWe always say that we love our mother, but there are times when we hurt her, maybe not intentionally, but still she doesn't say a word. In the end all she wants and has ever wanted is our happiness. Just for one smile on her child's face, a mother is ready to go through anything, ant pain. There may be a point of time when things might not go that well between both of us, but love between a mother and her child never fades away.\nLove indeed is the most beautiful emotion, and a mother's love is even more beautiful. Her position in our life is above god, and her love is eternal and unconditional.

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