My Perspective about Arts

Time run very quickly. Spring happened just like a dream overnight. But, after I sat alone and made up some flashback. It had been quite a long journey to the end of the spring semester. Now to me, it seems like I am in a completely different world. More strangely, I almost cannot recognize myself back in the last four months. Along the way, I walked through the hellfire and nightmares. Also, I walked millions of miles higher on the mountains, deeper into forests, and further than oceans. I could see every corner of life and places all around the world from different angles. I perceived I have totally transformed and become to realize that I am inspired by arts after taking Arts and Culture Class in this semester. Before, art was colorless, something was completely invisible like darkness; tasteless, something that was awful and never imagine to experience touching and playing with; and meaningless, something that is neutral for me. I considered arts as a boring and wasting practice. Practicing and seeing arts almost brought me to heart attack and, sometimes, death. I immediately became disorder and patient when I involved with arts activities like creating arts, seeing arts exhibition and performance, and in particular talking about arts. I thought, involving with those activities wasted time and money. My perspective and attitude toward arts ashamed me when Arts and Culture course's grade came out. It is an unforgettable experience in my lifetime. If I remember, I had Arts and Culture class for an hour per day and three days per week. In the classroom, I was always sleepy and tired. The chair I sat on was like my fluffy bed, and the desk in front of me was like my softy pillow. The classroom's environment was sound peace like my bedroom. Moreover, the professor's lecture talked about arts almost like my mom's voice that usually wakes me up after I oversleep in my peaceful bed. Back home, I had a pile of assignment to do, but I had no incentive to accomplish any one of them at all. I am not saying the professor was incapable of accommodating the classroom. He had given very impressive and in-depth knowledge lectures, inspiring advice, and good fun stuff along the semester, but it still never could kick my ass. Probably, the combined factors of my bad feeling and the way I think negatively about arts make me failed this particular class. However, new art class with a new professor shifted my perspective and attitude toward arts. I am inspired by arts and arts practices in modules, assignments, and projects from one to another week. Now, I am acknowledged and become realized that arts are tangible, inspiring, and meaningful. I could see the arts inside out. Art actually has its valid shape and structure. Art portraits its own beauty and meaning in different forms in accordance with its subjection. Interestingly, even though intangible arts that are not visible and touchable like music, poems, songs, creativities, and so on, to me I can perceive those kinds of arts mentally and physically when engaging and interacting with it. From my current perspectives, arts are closely interrelated with every aspect of life. I become to conceive arts as my source of inner power. It is a wonderful thing that provides me incentive, inspiration, and encouragement every minute of breath. I realize that it gives me stronger power than energy drinks that I usually grasp when I am exhausted. Finally, even though Arts and Culture class that I have been retaken was a lot harder and required tremendous efforts, but It was fun, enjoyable, and wonderful experience in my university life. I am so delighted that I transformed to be a completely new person that is full of potentiality, capability, and energy to run the rest of my life. The radical change of myself could have been taking place due to the magic of arts that I obtained from Arts and Culture class during this semester. I will always keep my positive view about arts and continue to develop my personality, attitudes, and ability with the projection of arts, so that, I can become a complete human resource. Hopefully, the power of arts in my new perspective shape my life and led my country, Cambodia, to becoming peace and prosperous in the future.

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