Time and time again, we experience things that we assume are GREAT, We soon find out that each thing would lead to our eventual FATE. It's hard to trust someone that has lied to your FACE, It's hard to get over the past and move on to a new PLACE. Sick and tired of liars, cheaters and the weak MINDED, Living life day by day oblivious to society; BLINDED. Saying that things will get better and continue FORTH, Believing what we hear daily and HENCEFORTH. Taking in every little white lie and replaying each WORD, Ignoring the atrocities that may have OCCURRED. You claim to be someone you're not and neglect who you really ARE, Actions contradict your words, how truly BIZZARE. The words you speak turn to silent TEARS, All you stood for is dead after all these YEARS. Time can't change the past; it determines what may COME, Time can only heal the hearts and minds of SOME. Even if we're given all the time we may ever NEED, Some still can't hide their lust or GREED. Gluttons for attention, sloths throughout the DAY, While pride, envy and wrath control all we ever SAY. Those truths that you claim are real are far and FEW, Lie to me again and prove to me that HYPOCRISY, THE NAMEz YOU.

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