Salina Hona

Living with words

Bhaktapur, Nepal

I am a believer and a practitioner of “The show must go on.” No matter how tough situation the life puts me in, I always stand out for myself. I take life as an experiment. I keep experimenting with myself to learn what makes me happy. If the result of my experiment is as expected, I would repeat it again, else terminate it. I choose to inspire and be inspired as long as I live. I prefer to live my life in such a way that my story becomes a source of inspiration to many.


An observer of a movie called ‘Life’, she could hear their voices but they couldn’t hear her, she could watch every scene but they couldn’t see her, she had opinions but that didn’t matter because the movie called life had already happened.

A complete outsider that couldn’t fit in their space.

A bird in a cage that didn’t know that a world existed beyond that.

A nerd with a heart full of fright that terminated her flight to happiness.

An endemic biological creature that was in a state of extinction.

A loner in the ocean of people’s judgments that didn’t know navigation.

A seed that didn’t know its viability until it fell and grew through the dampness of life.


An array of light that reaches the minds and underlies the darkness.

A script writer and a director of an another movie called ‘My life’, that’s happening.

Living in the moment, making memories, inspiring and getting inspired.

A self engineered pandemic creature with broader perspective and wider vision.

A flightless bird that’s grounded, yet free.

I remember my past not to get hurt but to remind me how far I have come.


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Cultivating a peaceful soul

Aug 12, 2020 3 years ago

She stopped looking for happiness among people Once she found herself smiling Looking into the skies Watching the sunsets and the sunrise, And the clouds chase the moon at night And when it rains, she watches the rainbow It still has few colors than that of people But has an extraordinary charm no people ever had And when the sun shows up, She would watch the sunflowers tilt towards the sun; smiling to each other reminding her to be patient Life will smile back to you one day the way you manage to smile when you crumble And finally, when the sun finds its way back home She finds her place in her messy bed She clings to her diary Writes about her day and her wishes She then turns the pages of books Filled with the words of self love She sleeps feeling loved and Wake up to the next morning, still feeling loved.


Real Lies through Real Eyes

Aug 11, 2020 3 years ago

I can't remember What's going on the ground? Anywhere I turn around, Real lies, in abound Real lies, all around With this agony, This pain in my brain I am leading nowhere, in a vain Where miseries only rain Enraged to be in this maze As I grow and I age With a bed Where lies are only fed Hoping that The world will soon turn around As I look for the truth in abound Where Lies will no longer be fed But will fade Where Miseries will no longer rain But will be drained

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Better days are coming

Aug 08, 2020 3 years ago

If you think life is unfair now, have patience. Bad days will pass too. You will one day come across the bridge u thought u could never cross. The heart that only gave will one day receive too. The hands that were only left will one day be held too. The way that you've always been looking for will one day find you. The hopes that you've been gathering to prevent falling will one day raise you. The attempts that you made several times but failed will one day make sense too. The problems that drowned you will one day teach you to swim too. The days that were never in your favor will one day be in your favor too. The people who are meant to be will come back to you too. The wastes will one day turn into fertilizer too. The regrets that you have been holding long will one day turn into realization too. The black carbon will one day turn into a sparkling diamond too. The success that you have been running after will one day go on a walk with you. And finally, the happiness that you have been searching for will never leave you.

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24, more than just an age

Jul 28, 2020 3 years ago

24, more than just an age A freshly prepared coffee, served to your table is what you might think 24 is like but you need to add milk, sugar and caffeine all in right proportion and serve it by yourself, just like the balance between career, relationship and your job. Your relationship is just like the sugar; sweet but if added extra, its sweetness will ruin the flavour of coffee like your career. Your career is just like the caffeine, bitter in taste like the bitterness of your life but still you can't get over of it like you can't get over of getting a better career. Your job is just like the milk, you get influenced by its fairness. Too fair at the beginning but as it gets tanned with the addition of caffeine in it, you'll feel it ugly. And you are just like a mug holding coffee in it, some fancy and some plain. If a mug breaks accidentally, everything that it held will spill over and leave a stain. A coffee stain won't go off easily like you won't be able to forget your broken past. You will now buy a new mug from a store but lately, you'll realize that the taste of a coffee in a mug you made is more tastier than a coffee in theirs. And finally at the end, the quality of a mug feels more important than its appearance.

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Impressions of First Love ❤️

Jul 25, 2020 3 years ago

I don't usually think of you but when I see the young couples falling in love being unaware of the situation what future might bring, I think of you. I don't usually think of you but when I see a beautiful scenario being unaware of the disaster it might bring, I think of you. I don't usually think of you but when I order a coffee and the waiter brings two packets of sugar with it, I still think of you for the extra sugar you've been wishing. I don't usually think of you but when he sees my texts, doesn't reply and sends me a text after some hours saying, “I had network issues, please don't think negative.” I think of you. I don't usually think of you but when he wishes me “Happy Birthday” with a short message, I still think of you. I can't say him; you used to do the same. That might seem comparison to him but it is an impression of you to me. But anyways I think of you. I don't usually think of you but when I can't solve a mathematical problem, I think of you as the unsolved puzzle with the hidden mysteries that I couldn't find. I don't usually think of you but when I luckily find some valuable things, I think of you for the fortune you once brought in my life. I don't usually think of you but when I see the parallel lines that go along but never meet, I think of you.



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