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Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Currently, I am a student. I am studying at Tashkent State University of Law which is one of the most reputed universities in Uzbekistan.

In my free time, I like reading books and writing stories, but I really enjoy being outdoors and going on crazy adventures to create the most amazing memories.


A little joke

Jul 30, 2020 3 years ago

I`m going to tell you about a real event which happened several months ago. This story is about a young and unmarried couple`s history. Jake fell in love with Ann the minute he saw her. Ann was a pretty girl who had nice ways and was sweet to kiss and cuddle. Jake was a tall, strikingly handsome guy with dark hair. Every girl who saw him was bound to fall in love with him. Jake started to write letters to express his feelings to her. They were getting to know each other well day by day. They always wanted to be together. They were obviously very much in love . You could see real love in their eyes . Even if Jake hadn't seen Ann once a day, he would have really missed her. The wedding day was clear. Everything had been going well until that day… It was the night of March 31 st and Ann called Jake because of missing him. After a 2-hour-phone conversation, Ann told Jake that she wanted to sleep: - Ann : Jake , I want to sleep - Jake : Actually, It is time to sleep and I have a lot of work to do tomorrow. So I have to sleep right now. See you tomorrow. Good night! - Ann : But… I have to tell you something very important. …just don`t fall asleep early. - Jake : Well, but what has happened ? Do you feel Ok? - Ann : Just don`t fall sleep early and wait for my text message… Jake agreed to wait for her message and said good-bye. It was 1.30 a.m. Jake received a text message from Ann. The following were written in the message : “ Don`t bother and call me anymore, please. Actually, I don`t love you. Let`s forget everything, our love story and our past. Forgive me, please. …” Firstly, he didn't understand why she was saying so. Then, Jake called Ann, but she didn`t answer the mobile phone. He called her again and again. As a result, Ann turned off her mobile phone. Jake couldn`t believe that the only person who is the meaning of his life and he trusts gave up him. Jake read her last words with tears in his eyes. He was shocked. He didn`t know what to do. Finally, he decided to go to Ann`s home to hear these words from herself and wanted to ask why she made that decision. Jake was driving fast to get to Ann`s home and find answers to his questions. While he was driving , he didn`t stop calling her every minute. Because of the bright lights of the oncoming truck on the opposite side, he looked at the way. As he was driving at high speed, Jake could not control the car, as a result, his car collided with the truck. It was 2.30 a.m. Inside the burning car, Jake slowly opened his eyes from the sound of his mobile phone and regained consciousness. There was a text message from Ann : “ Happy April Fools` Day !!! I love you very much. That was only a joke. I will never give up on you. “ After 5 minutes, Jake died… Love is a wonderful feeling that only a few people get. You can fall in love with anyone but being loved back by the same person is very hard. It's hard to believe this story, but anything can happen in this life. Draw your own conclusions from this story.

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