Boltaeva Gulrukh

Believe yourself

Bukhara, Uzbekistan

I am a student and I am studying at University. I am 19 years old. I have a small family which consists of five members. They are my parents, sister and brother. I enjoy spending time with them. We are close to each other. I love painting and reading books in my spare time. I believe that a bright future is waiting me.

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A day

Sep 08, 2020 3 years ago

The sun is shining, Birds are singing, The sky is bright The wind is blowing. Come on, my dear, How amazing a day, Let's go climbing Which is striking. It is the best gift   Breathing... Without any fear Let's go, my dear.

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Coronavirus is a kind of ruthless killer! It is eating millions of people even children like a vampire and spreading like a mushroom day by day. It is, also, eating too many people in my country. Although so many doctors are trying to save their life, they cannot. What is a pity! Fortunately, we can protect ourselves from it by washing hands with soup and following hygienic rules. But, we should admit that we are not able to stop its spreading. That`s why our government has declared quarantine. STAY AT HOME!!! After promulgation of the quarantine we had to study online. (I am a student and I am studying at University.) In general, the online learning process was fun and experienced. I can say that I learned a lot through it. Because all the materials were full and the tasks were easy to complete. And also we did all tasks by taking videos and photos. However, it would be better if we could do debates with my classmates and teacher face to face, which would be more helpful to improve our skills, the online learning was not too bad. So, the only thing that bothered me was too low internet connection and I had to spend too much time for opening the task. Fortunately, inspite of the low internet connection I could pass all exams. After passing the exams my boring life began. It consisted of eating, sleeping, eating, sleeping and again sleeping. But, One should not live like that. One day when I was watching TV I saw a woman whose whole family, even her 4- years- old child, was infected with the coronavirus. Yes, she, a woman was quarantined at the hospital, was so sad, but I saw patience, hope and cofidence in her eyes. She said that : ‘Because of blessing of Allah I am not sick and it is my luck. And I believe that my family will be healed then we all will return to our home...'. So her impressive words gave me passion and inspiration. Therefore, I realised that laziness is not my style. I cannot live as a donkey. I know I am an energetic and skillful girl and I should not waste my time. I know I am able to achieve my aims even at home. And of course, quarantine is not my obstacle, but my chance because I have so much time. So, I reorganised my goals list and my first aim was studying marketing and management fields, then preparing for starting up my own business. As, It was my dream and also I have an idea. But, it is my secret and nobody should know that. Oops! I forgot my parents. They will never let me start up my business because of our social rules. My father always told me that ‘Business is not for girls'. But, I am not an ordinary girl who sits at home and cooks a meal. I am ready to face any difficulties and I will try to do my best to achieve my aims. Neither my parents nor coronavirus can be a hindrance to me. Now, I am learning marketing field via you tube videos and telegram channels. I believe that it is my initial step to my future success.



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