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Navai, Uzbekistan

I am from Uzbekistan. Now I am studying at school. My motto is

''Try, try and try again, never give up''.


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Oct 02, 2020 3 years ago

Hello. Today I saw one of the beautiful natural phenomenon that little cloud cover the whole sun. Just, I would like to share this photo with you.

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Just my quarantine days

Jul 20, 2020 3 years ago

Four months ago, COVID-19 entered to my motherland, Uzbekistan. I vividly remember that on March 16, I heard this information from all channels of the TV, and the quarantine was implanted by the government. Then, I didn't understand its whole fear, I became happy after hearing about the clothing of schools. But, a few weeks ago virus entered to my hometown, and I began to respect my life, even more than before. Sometimes, I think a lot about my future, I have plenty of goals, which should be come true. I am only in my sixteen. Can it really be true? Shall I die so soon? From my perspective, all of us are thinking about this. However, it is awfully horrible just to think about it. I just forget, I should tell you about my lockdown days. When it comes to me, I'm not so bored that I live in a farm house with my parents and two siblings. Therefore, quarantine created an opportunity to spend more time with my family members. Additionally, because of lockdown, my mother doesn't have to work, she's a math teacher, but it didn't show perceptible effect on my father's work. As, I always dreamt, I am cooking various cakes and meals together with my mom and sister, Aziza. Also, I am playing interesting computer games and some outdoor games in the yard with my brother, Asadjon. Furthermore, it is enjoyable that we have been eating and watching films together. But the most happiest thing in quarantine is that I became an aunt. Clearly, my further sister, Sevara was married two years ago, and in June 2, she gave birth to a child. We named him as Bilol. All of us liked him a lot, even sometimes, I made my parents jealous of him. It can be strange, but from time to time, I would like to be a baby due to the fact that your mother always raises you in her loving hands, and you sleep, sleep and sleep again. Unfortunately, I know, this dream never comes true. As I mentioned above, I live in a farm house, and there are not only animals like cow, dog, hen, sheep, but also flowers and trees. Currently, my best friend is my little dog Pito. she has been living in our home for three years. I can remember as yesterday that my grandfather brought her to me in a chilly day of winter. Ridiculously, when my granddad opened his car, I couldn't find her because of her small scale. At that time she's as equal as my palm. I should say that in spite of her small body, Pito is very clever and kind-hearted. For example, her hobby is to pursue hens, but she never bite them. When she just catches one of them, she stops and lets them run away, and continues running. During the lockdown, most animals had children. Such as, Pito gave birth to a puppy. I called him as Hachi on behalf of the most loyal dog. He was particoloured unlike his mother. Unfortunately, he died on the vehicle crush. Then, I buried him in our garden. Lucy, she is a bright white sheep, last year I took care of her myself because she didn't have a mother, she's an orphan. At present, she is a mother herself, I named her lamb as Zorro, owing to the fact that he has a spot around his eyes. As for my studies, they are going well. Now I am doing online lessons, as a result of my studies, I took my first IELTS certificate with overall band score 6.5 in lockdown. When I received my certificate, I became one of the happiest person of the world. Truly, I spend my free time on various activities. For instance, at first, I watched TV all day long. In my view, I have seen everything from cartoons to action movies. Then, I began reading popular novels of foreign writers. Maybe, it helped me to bring out my hidden talents at writing, and during the quarantine I have been writing lots of essays. If it continues so, I may write a novel in the near future. To conclude, I reiterate my opinion by saying that there are plethora of activities, which I can do during the quarantine, nevertheless I don't like it. Anyway, sitting at home is boring. I hope this virus will be lost in recent days. We should be strong untill that day.



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