Hitting Maturity

Maturity is when you choose to stand out for yourself It is when you realize; Nothing is as important as your self-respect, And nobody is as important as you It is when you can act cool and be serious about your goals the same time It is when you realize that your choices matter more than their voices It is when you choose to walk away of the priceless without giving them any prices It is when you are fearless of the failures, yet fearful of the ones who make you fall It is when you choose to scatter more light than you can absorb It is when you can still sunbath under the moonlight It is when you treat yourself as the Ace of the cards You can lose the game sometimes but you'll still be the ruler It is not that comes with age but with experiences But when it comes, it stays for every inch It might hit you at a young age or at adulthood or may be later as you age But when it hits, it hits so hard, yet you'll stay unbreakable inside your cage It is like watching only movies that have happy ending It is like reading only books that inspire you…

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