How would you react if you see or hear that a renowned General Overseer of a Christian ministry got engaged in a physical or verbal duel with a person or a group of persons, on the street or in any public place? What if it was the like of Wole Soyinka you got to see engaged in a physical/verbal duel with a person or a group of persons, on the street or anywhere public? You would think my exemplary figures were over-emphasized. But, I am just trying to paint a picture, a picture of a supposedly born-again believer and that of a lover of reality, art, and literature or an atheist. Sometimes, on the street or other public places, we get offended, to the point of getting ourselves in physical combats or verbal abuses. It also quite a conceived concept that you shouldn't be caught fighting in the public because you are a Christian. And of course, that is a good concept, the best actually. But, what if you are not a ‘Christian' or a ‘born-again'? What do ye? Fight? I am not trying to sound biased, but, we know ‘Wole Soyinka' is not our picture of who a model Christian is. But, you can't and wouldn't find him fight in a public place. The same goes for persons like him, you, and me. Listen, You shouldn't fight, especially on the street and in public places, not just because you are a Christian, but, because you are educated and civilized. What becomes the use of education when you degrade your standards to that of the ‘street urchins'? Common! Educated persons shouldn't be caught fighting, on the streets, public places, or anywhere. I know misunderstandings would come, but, our ability and intelligence to handle such misunderstandings without verbal or physical combats and to come to an understanding, shows our level of maturity, and how much relevance we attach to being educated and civilized. If you are educated and civilized, you shouldn't fight on the streets or in public places. Think about it. ©Rejoicepraise 2020 Rejoice: A writer and a Content creator


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