Covid-19 in our world

In the last days of 2019, a new coronavirus appeared in the Chinese city of Wuhan. Its impact was first felt in the media: news, analysis, and scientific articles on SARS-CoV-2 began to appear. A few months later, by mid-March 2020, our surroundings were almost made up of words that start with or involve the same word. Today, everyone knows the word "coronavirus", from a child with a speech impediment to the elderly on the brink of death.Covid-19 is mild in most cases (about 80%) and ends well. However, complications can be observed. The first Covid-19 coronavirus infection was detected in Uzbekistan on Sunday. According to the World Health Organization, in most cases (about 80%) the disease is mild and ends with recovery. However, complications can be observed. I've always done 20 necessary things to avoid getting hit by a Covid-19. 1. I wash my hands regularly I wash my hands regularly with soap or alcohol. If there is a virus on the surface of the hands, it will kill it. 2. I disinfected my computer equipment regularly. 3. I tried to avoid crowded places. I didn't visit crowded places unnecessarily. 4. I chose remote payment methods and registration services. 5. I kept my distance from others in public places. I kept people at least 1 meter away from me, especially if they have a cough, runny nose or fever. When people with a respiratory infection cough or sneeze, they spread small droplets of the virus around them. If you are very close to such a person, you can catch the virus while breathing. I didn't touch my eyes, nose or mouth with my hands as much as I could.Why is this necessary? The hands touch many areas where the virus is present. If the infected hand touches the eyes, nose, or mouth, the virus can spread through the skin of the hands. 6. I followed respiratory hygiene 7. I covered my mouth and nose with a napkin or the inside of my sleeve when coughing and sneezing; I immediately threw the napkin in the trash can with the lid on and cleaned my hands with alcohol antiseptic or washed them with soap and water. If you cover your nose and mouth with your hands when you cough or sneeze, germs can spread to your hands and then to objects or people you touch. Viruses that cause respiratory illness can be transmitted through visual contact and contact with the eyes, nose, and mouth. 8. I shook your hand, shook your head or bowed to greet you. I recommend wearing it if you have symptoms of Covid ‑ 19 or are looking after a sick person. Disposable masks cannot be reused. I knew I needed to get medical help right away if I had a fever, a cough, and difficulty breathing. These symptoms require immediate medical attention as a respiratory infection or other serious illness may result. Respiratory damage can be caused by a rise in body temperature, which can be caused by Covid-19. If I felt unwell, I stayed home until I recovered from even mild symptoms of the illness, such as a headache or the flu. By protecting myself, I protected myself and my loved ones from Covid-19 or other viral infections.


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