Never Too Young

Screech! The door of the school bus screeched open with hesitation. “Ain't be the time they get rid of this hunk of junk,” the driver muttered under his breath. I wasn't in the mood. With heavy steps, I trudged toward the bright red door of our apartment, which now seemed oh so far, lugging my backpack that now felt like steel. It felt like an eternity before I rested my finger on the doorbell, and I wiggled my feet free from my shoes which are now overly tight and experiencing a huge growth spurt. Ding dong! The footsteps could be heard in the distance, getting louder and louder by the second. “Welcome back, Isabelle! How was school today?” Bad was the only word I could mumble out, and plopped onto my bed lifelessly. “What's wrong sweetie? Want a snack? Noodles perhaps?” I nodded and started sobbing. “Today was horrible. My teacher talked about climate change, a problem happening in our world. It's so sad how animals, plants, and even people are suffering.” I couldn't help it. Tears rolled down my cheeks uncontrollably and stained the white mattress drop by drop. “I want to free all the animals caught from the ocean, I want to stop hunting, I want to stop people from polluting the sky and the sea and on land.” “That's a great goal to work on,” Mom replied, brushing my bangs aside with one hand. She left the room and came back with my favorite dish, carbonara. I remember slurping the noodles, savoring the scrumptious taste, all while sniffling at the thought of climate change --- a bittersweet moment. Mom must have thought I was a weird child. I mean, she would have wondered where I got the genes of being overly sensitive. Not her. Looking back, I was a funky, but passionate, person. Since I was young, I cared a lot about climate change. I cared about the innocent animals and plants that suffer from our problems, and the health of us humans. You'd think, how is a kid going to save a world crisis? And you're right, how would I? It's true, that maybe I won't succeed in solving climate change, but I can make a difference, and so can you. Just because I'm now a twelve-year-old kid in middle school, doesn't mean I don't have a voice to tell the world what I think. Greta Thumberg is someone who I look up to. As of now, she is a strong, 21-year-old woman who is an environmental activist striving against climate change. However, she, too started taking action at the young age of 11 through a growing passion discovered in elementary school. My message is that anybody and everybody can take part in solving global issues, and that's when impossible missions seem possible. I don't know when things will turn around, but I am sure that if we change our actions, work together, and develop healthy habits, we will have a better Earth. The next generations will live in harmony, and our planet will be clean and healthy. In conclusion, we are all capable of making a difference, no matter how small our actions might seem. In the future humans will grow as a whole, serving their duty to act for a better planet. A clean, safe, and stunning planet. No matter how we look, or how we act, we still must strive for a future for generations to come. You and I, we are friends, mates who will accompany us on this thrilling journey.

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