fears of an angel soars through the sky the little weeps as she says her goodbyes the wish of a girl, stands still as a tree all of her dreams, perished as to be believed the angel trembles in the mystery of her eyes too close to her soul, yet far from the sky a dove fly's ahead for her love and affection the mirror has vanished and she loses her reflection her beauty is unknown but only to herself For its been locked up and hidden on the highest of shelves she fades as a picture yet appears like a rose the angels tears have weakened, having been challenged by a war she would sacrifice her life just to saves yours its not something you can see nor can you hear your beliefs in her will save her one less tear her magical kingdom so filled with hate its a trade for her life, its a trade for her fate the wind blows hard up at a cloak of stars regrets are her destiny, her soul is not hers it belongs to the pitiful, to the ungrateful, it belongs to you the little girl is lost in a realm of unknown so young, so tarnished, so innocent and so weak, the moon is a failure, trusted are its lies all seems balanced......... the angel lives to die!!

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