This weekend we've been blessed in a couple of ways. Our car insurance company in a one time only event mailed us a check for $300.00, that's $50.00 per car we have insured with them. Our youngest son actually has three vehicles insured on our policy, so we gave him half of that. The second blessing was an email from my older brother with a link for a movie he had rented with my wife in mind. She loves giraffes, and always has! The movie my brother rented was The Woman Who Loved Giraffes, Anne Dagg went to Africa as a 23 year old to study giraffes. She spent a year there, returned to her home in Canada, wrote numerous papers for publication, as well as several books. She returned to Africa with her daughter 60 years later and met individuals taking up the mantle of research of the giraffes. Very interesting movie. I highly recommend it! The picture I have uploaded is of my grandson, Samuel feeding a carrot to a giraffe at the Indianapolis Zoo. I have a downloaded copy of a professional photographer's photo of my wife feeding a baby giraffe but didn't think I should post that one.

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