Blood On The Leaves

Blood on the leaves The story of our lives I put my pen to paper I shed a tear with my ink I'm about to tell a story A story about the future and history Place your hand in mine Take a walk with me in the sunshine The sun rays hit the grass blades The wind whispers to the grass in the everglades Wait a minute Listen to the birds chirping in synchrony to our heartbeat Talk about melody Talk about an out of body symphony These are my isolated thoughts whilst in isolation Take a walk with me underneath the clouds This is an age-old tale A tale of humanity Humanity is in dire need of a new world order What do you see? Brother fighting brother We are all equal in the eyes of our grand architect Man always chases the bigger picture Man is always in search of greener pasture In this erratic pursuit of perfection, we only attain the edge of our potential Man is his harbinger of doom Humanity is in dire need of a restructure of action As we walk, our foot scrapes the pavement Look around and hear nature lament Perhaps there is hope on the horizon The sun sets blood red, it's a new dawn Blood on the leaves The story of our lives

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