The Gift, The Quarantine, Time is On Sale!

Time is our big asset. Time is our big asset and we should use it properly. I got the idea of the time spent on something great, even though it requires small steps, is better than the time spent for nothing. And the word "nothing" here can indicate different meanings to different people. If you watched a TV for 2 hours and did not get any useful insight then you spent it on nothing. If students spend their days watching youtube videos just for fun rather than studying and exploring more on their fields, their career will go for nothing. People work in different jobs from the cashier in McDonald's to being CEO of one of the big companies in Silicon Valley. Surprisingly most people tend to settle down and stick to one low paid job not trying their best and evolve. The reason is we have a proclivity not to change anything too quickly but be in our safe zones or as they say "Comfort Zones". We have dreams, ideas, and plans inside, that could change the world. But, we have to delay it because we were busy working 24/7. We work every day at the same job from paycheck to paycheck just to keep our lives stable. We always waited for the best condition and time to accomplish what we actually like to do and change. It is the year 2020. The year brought us many surprises along with deep emotional and practical lessons. The COVID-19 caused a pandemic in the whole world. We as a nation started fighting back the virus by taking care of each other and quarantine ourselves. Scientists throughout the world are experimenting to find the best vaccine that could finish the virus once for all. All the doctors of the world are giving their precious time (24/7), and dedicating their lives to save the human from this virus. They could also spend their time around family and friends but they chose to save lives instead. Doctors are the heroes of the world. Quarantine has lasted 4-5 months in different countries. The time in these months we had for ourselves was enormous. We had 5 months to spend with our thoughts and ideas, to learn something new, to self-develop, finally do the thing we always were prolonging for a better time. My daily healthy routine. I wake up early at around 4:30 to 5:00 am. The first thing I do is washing my face and drinking water, water helps our organisms to stay hydrated. Then I go outside to train. I run every day and try to overcome my own achievements in the distance. I think I grow faster when I compare myself with my past. Then, I take the first hot then cold shower, it trains my body to stay healthy and immune. Next is making breakfast for my family. We have breakfast at 7 a.m. After that, I check my phone for news updates for different topics and make a plan for the day. Finally, I will be ready for my studies and work at 8:00 am. A good healthy routine will help a person to get their targets in life faster than the ones which are mixed up. The story below is how I came to the decision of following a healthy routine. When I first came home after studies were overdue to quarantine, I did not have any routine at all. I finally was feeling free of waking up early and preparing for school, I was binge-watching my favorite series of "How I Met Your Mother". At first, I kind of felt good but then my days and time started passing so fast that I did not care about morning and night. At some point, I started realizing that I was just slacking off my time. My studies continued and became online. I became so lazy at that time, that I was not clearly focusing my attention on my studies. I had clutter in my thoughts. Sometimes, the things we want in life are not useful and healthy for us. We just do not realize it until we experience it. So, thinking about the outcomes of our actions at the current moment would make a huge difference to faster accomplish life challenges and targeted achievements. One morning, I just thought about life and what my intentions were towards it. How to make a change and influence the world, make it a better place to live. All that stuff comes from our wants and interests. If we find what we love to do and it is useful for the environment. We should not have the second thoughts but try as hard as we can, to make at least a small influence that could be helpful to the communities, societies, and the world. So, I also set my own goals and promised myself that I would never give up. And set up my routine and trying to keep it every day. Study hard and work on yourself to get the best future you could possibly have. Because this COVID-19 gave millions of people a great opportunity to spend some time for themselves and think about life and their actual wants. It also gave a chance to accomplish those interests we have inside but could not actually do because of our usual jobs and stereotypical everyday issues. Do not lose a chance and be the best version of yourself now. Because later you may not get this "sales ticket" again.

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