Ali Mardonov is one of the bullies and regular boys of the Serob. Serob is a large village. This village is divided into 4 parts and its names are also a bit spectacular: Past, Dash, Boy Qishlaq and Kanaljiyak. This place has no problems except sinecure. There are no industrial and other buildings. Everyone made a living by farming. Barely every kind of work has to be done by hand. And this life was waiting for Ali too. The sun is shining and Ali must go to school. He must score an A mark today, after that, he can earn 2000 sums. After that, he can go to the city to play video games with his friends. He tried to do homework in English. He memorized numbers from one to twelve and the alphabet too. He knows the teacher will give excellent marks because of his hard work. He was one of the bully boys in this class. The door opened and a new teacher entered the room with the director. “She is your new teacher from English, I hope you follow her” said the director and left the room. After taking a deep breath “My name is Madina Bekmurodovna,” said teacher. Ali was surprised after this work, he did not know, how to solve this issue. He had one purpose. On the one hand new teacher means a new opportunity for taking the easy mark, on the other hand, she might use another technique and new theme after that he can't take the needed mark. The teacher took a bag and put it on the table and said that she would reward those who answered well with a gift. It was an unexpected way to attract pupils to the lesson at that moment. Students stopped whispering and they concentrated on the lesson for winning the prize. The teacher gave them a task for solving to them. Ali tried to be first because the topic of the task was the alphabet, numbers and weekdays, but Abror did it. Ali felt that he wanted to learn English, but he was not sure about it yet. When he watched TV at night, he saw a show about pilots and he wanted to be like them, “I want to be like them, Mom,” said Ali. “You must learn foreign languages to be a pilot,” said the mother and she discussed it with her husband. After that, Ali and his mother came to Madina's house. Madina heard about Ali's interest and asked him a few questions.  He passed the exam with an awesome impression. He studied English very well, he used to carry books with him everywhere. He seems to have found his identity. He went to competitions between schools, made friends and tested his knowledge. Unfortunately, his teacher got married and Ali was left alone. He had to learn on his own. The reason was that his teacher had moved away. When he graduated from school, he scored bad results in competitions. His friends had advanced a lot. Afterwards, he started to prepare for the State Exam using the developing online education. Online education helped him a lot. In the exams, he scored 78% result above was returned. And it was getting better. Although, there are 13 days left for the main exam, a new law was adopted, according to which it was announced that the exam will consist of 2 subjects instead of 3 subjects. He knows about his relative's eyes on him. He may lead them to the future by achieving this result. Because if he entered the university, the children of his relatives would also try to enter. Ali should be a leader in this regard and he knows it himself. The day of the exam came and he went to take the exam. Ali was not excited, he didn't think about anything, he just left responsible. After the exam, Ali showed the result of 73.4%. It meant failure. He could not enter the university. Then he stayed for a moment like freezing and he just continued his daily jobs. He heard that his classmate entered the university, it was not tragedy, tragedy was his father's words “If you score good result, we will celebrate like them”. Listening to these words can be a deadly punch when you fail at something. It was not charging, it was a dream of the father. He settled on restarting everything after 3 months, he looked for a new teacher and joined his course. “You said that “I was prepared from English ago,” said the teacher but you can't answer my questions.  “How long have you been prepared before,” asked the teacher. “A year ago,” answered Ali. “You should go home, I have no beginner group for that time being. “I have to prepare, I will pay for it and if I can't achieve my goal it will be my failure,” said Ali. “It is your decision,” said the teacher. During the lesson, Ali showed very good results and achieved a 94% result of 105 questions on the new system. He was second in the group. The teacher was surprised at him. The 2nd time the exam day time is coming, this time Ali prepared for to exam strictly. But he scored a bad result, it was 77%. Happily, testing from 105 questions made it hard to score good results. He is the student. He achieved this after lots of hard work.

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