Misery Loves Company

Let's talk about hatred Let's have a conversation without restraint Have you ever noticed your enemies are always nearby? Have you noticed you could get more support from a stranger passing by? I mean think about it, ponder your deepest conscience Is your friend really your friend? Think for a bit, be more conscious Is family really family? Blood might be thicker than water However, the blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb Don't be fooled by a smile I struggle to find a simile for loyalty Those nearer are the ones with intentions farther from what's best for you Those farther are the ones that might accommodate you, no strings attached Society is filled with strings, not elastic strings, brittle ones Help rendered is usually tethered to a short, conditional leash They want you to do well but not better than them Break the leash, break the strings of misery, unleash your best Is company really necessary? Ill rather simple solitude than complicated pairings Evil comes in twos, good comes in singles Who am I to advise you? Heed my words, watch your back, misery loves company


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