National Poetry Month: On Love & Life (A Poem)

It's the month of poetry and I'd like to share this poem with you. On Love: When I sought love I knew It smelled of roses Fragrant and sweet When I followed its scent I found you. On Life: A flower sprouted within the cracks of a sidewalk Not many noticed it But it withstood its ground Just like me it fought for survival Not the rain nor the blistering sun could destroy its resolve to find the strength to stand upright and live. For it knew the day it showed its weakness and let the rain drown or the sun desiccate and if it drooped to the ground the will to fight will end. Through its resilience a bee did find the sweet nectar and the cracked form of the ground radiate beauty. That gorgeous flower that sprang from the cracks one day caught the eye of a photographer and was soon acclaimed As the formidable Flowered pawn. Have a great month of April. Live & Let Live! shobana

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