Never Give Up. Use your full potential to succeed

Exactly a year ago, on January 5, 2023, I was preparing for a important competition with some of my school pupils. We were 5 people in a team, and I was the captain. From January 2023 onwards, I and my team started dedicated daily preparations to win this competition, which would award winners with $10,000(Regional), $30000(Provincewide stage) and 50000$(National stage). It was a considerable sum for my school administration to enhance our school's infrastructure, providing much-needed upgrades such as new computers, modern heating systems, and improved furniture. We were determined and diligent to achieve this until an unhappy situation occurred. As the captain, I was given lots of homework and tasks every day by my teacher. I should have done these assignments completely and on time. One day in early January, I had read somewhere that consuming lemons (lemon tea), could act as an energy booster, allowing individuals to work tirelessly with minimal sleep and breaks. I estimated and said to myself, “Alright, if one lemon could provide energy, three lemons would triple the effect.” Without adequate information, I rushed to a fruit shop, purchased three lemons, and consumed them raw, without any accompanying tea or sugar. Initially, the impact was exactly as promised – a surge of energy and adrenaline. However, what I failed to consider was the potential harm of excessive lemon consumption. The next morning was an absolute contrast; I could scarcely open my eyes; I felt terrible with no sign of adrenaline or energy. I told my mother about my condition, and right after that, I was taken to the hospital. The diagnosis revealed a significant drop in blood pressure and discomfort in the liver, directly attributed to the excessive lemon intake. I was promptly taken to the hospital and treated there two weeks. I thought I was unable to help them, and I couldn't do anything about studying. I had had two choices. The first – I get rid of all responsibilities and assignments, and we lose the competition, consequently, I can have a big rest. The second – despite my current condition, I attempt to complete my tasks as much as possible, as a result, we will be able to reach our goal. My parents and doctor suggested to prefer the first choice. Yet, on the night of January 10th, I called my mother, requesting all my books, assignment papers, and my computer to be brought to the hospital. Being really ridiculous and annoying to my roommates, it was encouraging to my team and people around me. I was given tasks, and I had decided to divide it into my team members, discussing who should improve which skills. It seemed to my team like I was controlling them, but eventually they understood me as I started working in the same temp with them. It endured 13 days: my learning at the hospital; my group at school. During this process, the main doctor approached my talked with me. He said “What do you want, acting in this way? It could be harmful? If someone is forcing you to do so, right now inform me!”. Then, I answered “Sir, you don't worry. I ought to win this game because thereby I can benefit my school. A school I'm studying may not be the best one, but it gave me valuable knowledge. Thus, I have to repay. I admit that our school is not well-equipped. There is a shortage of furniture, computers and other needs. If I win this game, my school will be able to afford it. The things, they afford, maybe be used for several years or decades by many pupils. It makes me certainly happy and content with my achievements. I want this, so I mustn't miss the chance.” My words were very emotional to doctor. He replied, “If you do this in service to others, you are real leader, and I'm proud of you, but care about yourself.” Fortunately, we won regional stage of competition, and we got prize 10000$ to our school profit. School staff, pupils and my team and I were really cheerful for that. The subsequent provincewide stage, while not resulting in a win, did bring recognition as the most powerful English learner for me, and an additional $20,000 to our school's benefit. Eventually, I started improving my soft skills such as creativity, leadership, problem-solving skills, critical thinking and collaboration, in the way learning and practicing. Hence, I succeeded in every field I had chosen. For example, graphic designing, which was absolutely unknown field to me, became a swift success story as I established my studio, "Proud LMS," and executed significant projects in a remarkably short time. Likewise, I wanted to improve my English level; I attended classes. I was a student who came late and left early, however, who also take a good score in IELTS, 7.5. Moreover, in early December 2023, I received the "Patriot" medallion from Minister of Defense of Uzbekistan, and turned into an influential member of the community.


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