Relevance of time in History

I have trouble remember dates of most historic events. I am sure a lot of people probably have the same type of trouble. My hypothesis is that with my imagination I visualize the event as though it is a story, while first learning about it, I am given the date so I am able to imagine that time period. However, that is the last time I use the date when thinking about the events. So, when asked I have trouble recalling it, though I can recall a wide range like 500bc to 280bc ... I think the oddest part is that Icould probably describe the event very vividly like it is a story. Yet I cannot remember 3 to 4 exact numbers, and definitly cannot remember it, if months and days are requirements. My answer now is; If I did not know something in history occured or existed until today. Since I am imagining these evenrs taking place on this day. Then the date those days took place is TODAY, fore they did not exsist in my mind until this day. Mankind does not exist unless it is Present

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