Social networks hide the true identity

Nowadays, our world is affecting by internet, social media and technology such as “Instagram”, “VK”(“VKontakte” Russian language social network) or “Facebook” which are created to ease our communication skills, relieve searching for any needed information and abandon with daily difficulties associated with learning, health and relationship. Despite this, we are more and more using not words, as I would like to say, but rather pictures and all types of videos and GIFs. We do not use words, as we save time for typing them. Today, people appreciate the speed and following this "rule", mostly we choose images. This vicious cycle will continue indefinitely unless someone points to the mistakes and shows the right way to follow. I would like to tell about one situation or maybe, story that describes the issue of social networks in our lives. A few years ago I met an easy-going teenager who was in the same age as I was. We were communicating through “VK” and “Instagram”. I can say, that dialogue with this Human (suppose it's his name) were in a friendly way. We had a lot in common, in terms of music, tastes and even wallpaper on the phone. I really thought I found my soul mate, but the problem was that the Human lived too far away. And we could only communicate by correspondence. Yes, as expected, we chatted in the morning, afternoon and even at late night. We sent photos of each other or the places which we had visited for the day. The Human was gripping and amusing youth. Both of us had a great friend. One day he surprised me and told me that he had come to my city. We arranged to meet. I was nervous, but looking forward to our real acquaintance. At the time of our first meeting, I realized that finally met a guy with whom I talked for a long time. It wasn't as grand as I expected. The man who talked to me saying sarcasm, irony and humor, in life was boring and not interesting. At this point, I began to understand that I would better start to communicate in reality, not in social networks. So, I would know the real him, not the imaginary entity. However, I continued to talk to him, but this is another story… In addition, communication through social networks contributes to that the menthality of any people is changing and not for the best. For instance, in the most basic cases, a person does not express any emotions or respect. Take the case on the bus, when any person knows that the senior needs to give a way or that he/she needs to say sorry if accidentally touched someone (stranger). So, at this time, even these little things we cannot wait from anyone, especially from young people. I want to tell you about the situation when my friend walking in one direction and chatting with his friend through the Internet did not notice the teacher who was also going in the same way, and was preparing for his lesson. I can say that the blame is on my friend, as he had to skip the teacher. If you think about it, when communicating a friend in real-time, that is, going and communicating in a reality, he would be able to notice the teacher and give him a way. Hence, when we are communicating in social networks, we do not notice others around us. As a consequence, I want to remember what I described earlier. Social networks have captured all the people on this planet and continue to do so. We are not able to stop this process, but we have an opportunity to slow it down. We just need to spend time through a real communication, using words and emotions instead of pictures.

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