Standing In The Rain

The first few drops of rain were light, and as the breeze picked up and blew the dry leaves across the garden, the tree limbs began to sway slightly and the feel of the approaching storm was everywhere. The air changed to a heaviness that had been waited on with anticipation for weeks. As the drops turned to a continued drizzle and then heavy rain, Tom stood on the edge of the lawn and cried. He had been trying to hold in the pain but now that the sky had relented, he couldn't help but join in. The pain of losing Dash had numbed him for days but he had tried to be brave, he pretended that he was doing just fine and no, he didn't need to talk about it, thank you very much. Dash had been his best friend for 11 years. Tom couldn't remember life without his wet nose and droopy ears. The smell of his doggy breath was still in his dreams and when he woke to the reality of life without him, it was devastating. He had been brave for as long as he could. Standing in the rain now, Tom walked over to the little cross he had marked his grave with, and let himself feel the full pain of his broken heart. The waves of anguish flooded over him again and again. He missed him so much. Tom screamed out in a half yell, half cry for his friend. His best friend was gone.

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