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My father is a doctor, so I grew up hearing words like "vaccine," "virus," "bacteria," and "microbes." My father always claims that I could catch a cold or even die if I eat the coldest ice cream or play in the garden without a hat in the winter (we all know how terrible it is to be ill). Even though my friends were frequently playing without anything on their heads and eating a lot of ice cream during the summer, they were not eager to catch a cold. I don't want to talk about the moments in my youth when I wasn't permitted to do anything, but about the time I experienced a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. To be honest, I was terrified for two reasons. The first is that my teacher told me that the human body dies at 42 degrees due to denaturation of specific organs and cells, which cannot function at all at that temperature. The second factor was coronavirus, which was at its peak of "popularity" at the time. After all, everything happened late at night, and we went to the hospital the next morning to have a virus test. Fortunately, they tested it so quickly, but it was positive. The first thing that came to me was death, because there were images on TV of millions of people dying. The most intriguing aspect of everything is that I have not taken any medications, except for Vitamin Z, which was only for enhancing my appetite. Do you know how good it is to be able to stay at home while studying? It is one of the best feelings ever, lying around all day and watching YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. Parents can order any food for you, including fast food, which was once considered a bad dinner in our house. My parents were always asking questions like, "Can you taste this?" and "Can you smell this?" back then. Every time I rejected these inquiries by responding, "I'm fine, no problems," but one morning, as I started eating those fries with ketchup, I couldn't taste the spicier ketchup. At the time, I discovered that I had lost my sense of smell and taste. Then my days were really slow, and I didn't want to eat anything because I couldn't experience the exhilaration from food. 10 days passed, which seemed like 1000 days, and one morning, I noticed that I could smell the pleasant aroma of apple juice; it was so pleasant that I drank it all without permission. My siblings were angry with me, even though I told them I smelled it and was feeling fantastic. At the time, I considered retaking the viral test to prove that I was correct. Fortunately, it was negative. A significant element of this experience is that CORONOVIRUS strengthened my immunity, and I can now eat any amount of ice cream without thinking about getting a cold.

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